In the engineering sector, competitive examinations are now more tougher than in previous years, so it’s critical to keep up with the latest information and have a solid understanding of foundational principles. Multiple-choice questions are a useful tool for assessment and learning in the majority of exams. They help students improve their skills and professionals who want to expand their experience. A well-known publisher of engineering education materials, EA Publications offers a wealth of multiple-choice question booklets tailored to engineering specializations. The MCQ books for Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, and Electronics engineering are among these collections. We examine the benefits and traits of these invaluable resources in this post.

The MCQ for Electronics Engineering encompasses the investigation, development, and implementation of electronic systems and devices. The MCQ for Electronics Engineering book published by EA Publications have been carefully designed to encompass a broad spectrum of subjects, including fundamental electronic components, sophisticated circuit design, and semiconductor technology. Hundreds of meticulously curated questions are included in this book to assess your knowledge of fundamental theories, concepts, and practical applications. Offering comprehensive explanations and solutions for every question, this coaching resource proves to be an exceptional tool for independent study and a beneficial supplement to exam readiness. Whether your objective is to improve your professional expertise or achieve success in university examinations, this MCQ book serves as an essential resource for any aspiring Electronics Engineer.

Electrical Engineering
Electrical engineering is the branch of engineering that investigates the fundamental principles and practical implementations of electronics, power generation, and distribution, as well as telecommunications and control systems. The MCQ for Electrical Engineering from EA Publications provides an exhaustive examination of the discipline, encompassing subjects including electrical machines, power systems, circuit analysis, and more. This MCQ book is specifically crafted to assist you in attaining a comprehensive understanding of the foundational principles and advanced theories of Electrical Engineering. It comprises an extensive assortment of inquiries that tax your reasoning and knowledge. By providing precise guidance, vivid illustrations, and systematic resolutions, it empowers readers to comprehend intricate principles effortlessly and with assurance.

The vast field of mechanical engineering encompasses the conception, evaluation, and production of mechanical systems and components. MCQ for Mechanical Engineering by EA Publications is designed to accommodate the varied requirements of professionals and students in this ever-evolving discipline.  In addition to mechanical design, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and materials science, this exhaustive book covers a vast array of subjects. It provides an extensive collection of multiple-choice questions (MCQs) that assess your understanding, analytical prowess, and problem-solving capabilities. This will assist you in efficiently preparing for examinations and confronting practical engineering dilemmas. This MCQ book is a vital study resource for individuals aiming to achieve excellence in Mechanical Engineering.

mcq civil
The planning, design, construction, and maintenance of infrastructure initiatives such as roads, structures, bridges, and water supply systems are the primary concerns of civil engineering. The MCQ for Civil Engineering, published by EA Publications, is intended to provide a thorough examination of the discipline, including both theoretical and practical applications. The course book covers an extensive array of subjects, such as environmental engineering, transportation engineering, and structural analysis. The MCQ questions test your knowledge of fundamental civil engineering principles, theories, and codes of practice. By providing lucid explanations, illustrated diagrams, and resolved examples, this resource facilitates the expansion of one’s understanding and the improvement of problem-solving capabilities. Whether one is seeking to expand their knowledge or preparing for competitive examinations, this MCQ book is an essential resource for every civil engineer.


The practice of MCQ questions for different Engineering branches provided by EA Publications are an all-encompassing and efficient method for preparing for exams, mastering fundamental concepts, and expanding one’s knowledge. Comprising of meticulously crafted inquiries, and comprehensive elucidations, these function as indispensable companions for students. Commence a gratifying quest for engineering excellence by practicing the vast collection of MCQ questions offered by EA Publications today.