Immigration methods often require strict evidence of relationships between applicants and sponsors. In such cases, a DNA test is a dependable and scientific way to prove biological relationships. Pune, a major city in western India, provides various DNA test services to support visa and immigration applicants. This blog explores the DNA tests in Pune for immigration, delving into test types and the significance of accreditation.

Process of Sample Collection

The DNA test process starts with the sample collection. If both parties reside in India, their DNA samples are collected at our nearest collection centers. If one party lives abroad, their sample is collected in their respective nation.

First, the case reference number is generated for the Indian party. Then, the same case number is shared with the party living in a foreign country. Once both samples arrive at our testing facility, the analysis is carried out for DNA immigration testing.

Accreditations of Immigration DNA TestingDNA Test in Pune

Following are the types of accreditations for Immigration DNA testing:

  • NATA or National Associations of Testing Authorities – Immigration DNA Tests for Australia
  • MOJ or Ministry of Justice – Immigration DNA Tests for the UK
  • AABB or Association for the Advancement of Blood & Biotherapies – Immigration DNA Tests for the USA
  • CIC or Citizenship and Immigration Canada- Immigration DNA Tests for Canada.

Why Choose Us for an Accurate Immigration DNA Test in Pune?

DDC Laboratories India is among the most reputable and best DNA testing companies. At competitive prices, we provide accurate, reliable, and accredited immigration DNA tests in Pune.
Moreover, we have over 250 collection centers in India and abroad for sample collection. We provide the immigration DNA testing reports in 8-10 working days.

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