Dubai, a city equivalent to luxury and culinary professionalism, boasts an amazing dining image that caters to discerning palates across the globe. Among its culinary gems are exquisite sushi and sashimi places that raise Japanese cuisine to new levels. Whether you’re a connoisseur looking for traditional luxury or a trendsetter tempting innovative craftsmanship. Dubai’s sushi and sashimi scenarios offer something for every taste. 

Amidst the varied options, there are hidden gems that are successful in offering an array of sushi splendours with the best buffet restaurant in Dubai. With live cooking platforms and a varied buffet arrangement. This restaurant offers remarkable choices of sushi and sashimi with a tempting ale of Pan Asian Cuisine. Dubai’s top restaurants pride themselves on providing the finest and freshest produce, seafood and meat ensuring that each dish bursts with flavour and authenticity.

Live cooking with the best buffet restaurant in Dubai

Toshi, a culinary sanctuary not only offers an extensive array of dishes but also showcases the mesmerising spectacle of live cooking. Join us as we deeply get involved in the world of Pan Asian cuisine at Dubai’s top buffet destination. Where live cooking is the centre of attraction. The sizzling fries and saucy noodle soups, every delight is created to perfection in front of your eyes. Ensuring a treat for both the taste buds and the soul. All-you-can-eat buffet in Dubai at our Pan-Asian offerings, from Thai curries to Japanese teppanyaki, you’ll be tantalised by the view of chefs expertly wielding their hands to create a culinary magnum. 

Variety reigns supreme

Variety is the cornerstone of any exceptional Pan Asian restaurant experience in Dubai. Guests can savour everything from aromatic curries and fragrant noodle soup to fresh sashimi and crispy tempura, ensuring something to please every palate. A dedication to quality ingredients is supreme in any Pan Asian restaurant worth its salt. Delicacies are not only a delight to the taste buds they also are a feast for the eyes, with extensive colours, complex toppings and luxury plating that elevate the dining experience to new heights. Whether served in traditional ceramic bowls or sleek, modern crockery, every dish is a presentation of culinary art.  Each variety is proof of the Asian culture we manage to put in the form of a culinary masterpiece.

Presentation of the ambience

The decor simply blends a modern interior with subtle nods to cultural Asian aesthetics. Rich, dark wood, exclusively carved screens, and dim, ambient lighting create a warm and inviting ambience that sets the stage for a wonderful dining experience. Throughout the restaurant, you’ll find subtle touches that pay tribute to the rich traditional heritage of Asia. Delicate porcelain vases with fresh blooms add a touch of beauty to each table. While traditional Asian music softly plays in the background. Taking diners to faraway places in Asia. Toshi the best buffet restaurant in Dubai is the ideal place for you to engage in a relaxing ambience with your folks and families. Pan-Asian cuisine stands out, showcasing a harmonious blend of culinary techniques from Southeast Asia, East Asia and various other regions.

Toshi’s Ala Carte

In Toshi which offers ala carte dining, guests can expect a personalised culinary journey through the diverse flavours of Asia. One of the profits of ala carte dining is the capability to craft your meal according to your choices of taste. It often involves services by the table, with knowledgeable staff members on hand to guide you through the menu and offer suggestions to choose the best. From suggesting the perfect wine pairing to explaining the story of each dish. The attentive service assures that your dining experience is relaxing and enjoyable from start to finish.  In terms, Toshi embodies a blend of traditional values with modern creativity and delicious food paired stylishly with premium drinks and the welcoming hospitality of our staff.


In conclusion, imagine a tranquil oasis where the freshest fish meets the expert craftsmanship of seasoned sushi chefs. In essence, the secret behind sushi and sashimi is a harmonious blend of expertise, passion and respect for the ingredients. These buffet restaurants stand out for their commitment to excellence and their ability to showcase the diverse flavours of Asia, making Toshi a must-visit destination. We turn every meal into a captivating culinary spectacle. 

At Toshi, our Asian restaurant in Dubai you find the most unique way of presenting food to you. The serving utensils are also a part of the Asian culture and the ambience of course. Therefore, join us at Toshi to experience the vibes of Asia in Dubai. Habibi come to Dubai! for the best buffet restaurants in Dubai with exclusive interiors, remarkable food and premium drinks for the entire city of Dubai.