The kitchen is mainly the heart of a modern home, and a dream kitchen indicates how you live in your house. Preferably, everyone wants to make a miscellaneous space that is cosy and brighter. A renovation in your kitchen transforms your working space and adds value to your home. Whether you want to remodel or upgrade your décor, our luxury bespoke kitchen fitters in London top the list in the UK. A well-known kitchen increases the aesthetic appeal of your house as well as its functionality.

Mostly, your fitters are from the company you purchase from the kitchen. They cover design, removal, structural modifications and the final touches as you do not have to outsource anything. A skilled team ensure a stress-free renovation from the removal of your old kitchen to the installation of your dream kitchen, all under their meticulous project.

Benefits of Choosing a Kitchen Fitter

Are you planning to revamp your kitchen or feeling stunned by the many decisions that need to be made? One critical step is the fitting process, which is usually unnoticed. Many reasons will help you understand why choosing a kitchen fitter is a necessity.

Expertise and Experience: Professional fitters will have plenty of experience and possess a wealth of expertise and experience in designing. They have deep knowledge about the material, trends and installing appliances to handle any challenge regarding a successful installation.

Rights Tool for the Job: Independent fitters have access to a wide range of specialised tools and materials that are not accessible by the average retailer. They know which kind of fixtures and finishes will suit your needs and budget.

Saving Time and Cost: With a kitchen fitter company like Fitted Bedroom Wardrobes, you can save time and cost. They don’t compromise on quality when completing the installation process with ideal tools and techniques. With strong relationships with suppliers, you can ultimately save money on materials and tools.

Peace of Mind: As kitchen fitting is a significant investment, you need to make sure everything goes with the plan. With a professional by your side, you can have peace of mind by knowing that your project is in good hands.

Craftmanship: For kitchen durability and lifespan, craftmanship plays a significant role that is not easy but necessary reason. Certified kitchen fitters endeavour to perfection and prioritise quality in their entire process.


Key Steps for a Kitchen Fitting Process

For making the smooth fitting process, there are some key steps you should take before giving your dream kitchen a shape:

  1. Prepare the existing room
  2. Remove the old units
  3. Route new services
  4. Plastering
  5. Lighting
  6. Flooring
  7. Cabinet and appliance fitting
  8. Worktops
  9. Electrical and plumbing connections
  10. Wall finishes

Standard Dimensions of Base Cabinets

Base cabinets play a vital role in easy accessibility to your kitchen. Primarily, a skilled kitchen fitter will figure out whether it is possible to implement modular kitchen designs as base cabinets store large containers and vessels. The standard base cabinet (depth of the structure + depth of the space in front) is slander and flexible. By considering your family member uses base kitchen cabinets, its dimensions should be as given:

Height: 36cm – 85cm

Width: 15cm – 120cm

Depth: 41cm – 56cm

Key Features of a Sliding Door Wardrobe

  • Modern and fashionable designs
  • Slim and lofty
  • Made from 16mm excellent laminated board
  • Mirrored fronts
  • 120cm wide wardrobe
  • Tailored inside layout
  • Two hanging rails
  • Three removable shelves
  • Pair of large sections
  • Available in multiple colours
  • Requires assembly

Bottom Line

Renovating your kitchen with luxury kitchen fitters in the UK offers you multiple benefits to enhance the beauty of your kitchen. To meet your specific requirements, kitchen renovation fitters follow simple steps from preparing the room for renovation to finishing touches. You can maximise your kitchen storage and usability by understanding the standard dimensions and key features of a sliding door wardrobe. Take your step and invest in the best fitters to transform your working space.