Are you flying with Spirit Airlines and need to change your flight? Don’t worry! Here’s an easy guide to understand how you can change your flight with Spirit Airlines.

Easy Steps to Change Your Flight with Spirit

1. Change Within a Day

If you book a flight and need to change it quickly, you can do this for free within 24 hours of booking.

2. Emergency Changes

Sometimes, unexpected things happen, like a family emergency. Spirit lets you change your flight without extra fees in such situations, but you will need to show proof.

3. Airline Changes

If Spirit Airlines changes your flight time, they let you switch to another flight without paying more.

4. Last-Minute Changes

Need to change your flight on the same day? You can do that, but there might be some fees, especially if you have already checked in.

5. Standby for Earlier Flights

Missed your flight or want to catch an earlier one? You can wait for a seat on an earlier flight that day. This is free for special club members.

6. Big Schedule Changes by Spirit

If Spirit changes your flight a lot (like cancelling it), you can book another flight for free or get your money back.

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7. How to Change Your Flight

You can change your flight online on Spirit’s website or by calling them. Choose what works best for you.

8. Special Flex Tickets

If you think you might need to change your flight, you can buy a Flex Ticket. This lets you change your flight once without a fee, but you might still have to pay if the new flight costs more.

9. Fees for Changing

If you change your flight late, you might have to pay a fee. This fee depends on when you change it and what type of ticket you have.

10. Using Credits

If your new flight costs less, Spirit gives you credits for the difference. You can use these credits later.

11. Travel During COVID-19

Spirit has rules for safe travel during COVID-19, like wearing masks and showing vaccination proof for non-US citizens.

12. Changing Flight Dates

You can change the date of your flight, but there might be a fee. This fee depends on when you change it.

13. Getting Help

If you have questions or need help changing your flight, you can call Spirit Airlines.

Remember the Cancellation Policy

It’s important to know that changing a flight is different from cancelling it. The Spirit cancellation policy is about canceling your whole trip, not just changing the time or date.

Need Help? Call Fond Travels!

If changing your flight seems hard, or if you have more questions, call Fond Travels at “+1 (571) 389-6426”. They can help make it easier for you.