The originality of your flower decorations can make the difference between a unique event that will remain in the memory of your guests and a stale one that no one will remember within a week. Are you a young couple and want the wedding you are planning to be exquisite? Would you like for your special day to complement your personality and feature elements that are distinctive to your relationship? If so, you should invest in wood flowers accompanied by greenery for arrangements.

High-quality green filler flowers are preserved through a natural process, which involves drying and replacing the water in the used plants with a glycerin-based solution, thus maintaining the natural flexibility of the arrangement while rendering it weather-resistant. Preserved flowers benefit from an extended lifespan, keep their properties intact even in adverse weather conditions, can perfectly complement natural flower decorations, and are available in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and designs.

From preserved silver dollar Eucalyptus branches to Baby’s Breath or pampas grass, the options you have at your disposal are impressive and can fit your artistic vision perfectly. High-quality greenery for arrangements is perfect for rustic gatherings, for accompaniment to Boho pieces, or in bouquet fillings and special gatherings. The preservation process of filler flowers can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks, and the result is, in almost all cases, a plant that will retain its properties for more than a few years. When combined with natural bulbs or painted wood blooms, green filler flowers offer a superb contrast. And this contrast can be a pillar of your creativity.

What Are the Genuine Advantages?

Over 2.3 million American couples  unite their destinies each year, and you probably want to join their ranks. Are you looking to enhance the originality of your venue, save money, and invest in long-lasting decorations that require minimal maintenance? Then, you can’t do better than with wood flowers. But although they are perfect accessories for any occasion and versatile enough to be used for various types of arrangements, wood flowers require fillers to stand out according to your vision.

Why go for preserved flowers in arrangements? As discussed, they are exceptionally durable and require much less maintenance than other types of fillers. Moreover, the preservation process makes preserved green filler flowers have a much lower environmental impact than fresh plants. Preserved filler flowers are characterized by exceptional flexibility, are suitable for people suffering from seasonal allergies, can be combined with different accessories to bring out their colors and properties, and are cheap and easy to procure.

What Preserved Plants Should You Purchase?

When it comes to preserved greenery for arrangements, your options are almost limitless. From lavender to baby’s breath, nearly any type of plant can be treated with glycerin and preserved to enhance their properties. What are the most known plants that can be used as fillers in wooden flower decorations? For one thing, there are the leaves of the Eucalyptus tree, which is known for its aromatic fragrance and the distinctive way in which its silver-green foliage enhances the vivid colors of traditional wedding bouquets.

Another great choice to consider is Ruscus leaves, which are distinguished by their lush green hues and the delicate nature of their construction. Do you want to go for something a bit more recognizable? Then, a fantastic purchase is ferns, which come in a wide variety of sizes and are widely available regardless of the season. From Bunny Tails, which are great if you want to go for seasonal décor, to Pine picks, perfect for festive occasions, the plants you can use as decorative fillers are plentiful and can be invaluable to your creative aspirations.

What Makes Greenery for Arrangements Such a Bold Statement?

Preserved flowers are, above all, durable accessories that are likely to keep their properties intact for years. Pristine flowers  have been found in Egyptian tombs, and traces of floral arrangements have been recovered and preserved from Neolithic sites. What makes preserved filler flowers such a good idea? For one thing, they combine the best of both worlds. Do you want your wooden flower arrangements to get enhanced, but you don’t want to invest in fresh bulbs that will wilt in less than a week? Then, green filler flowers are the way to go.

Preserved flowers keep their properties intact if kept in low-humidity environments; they maintain their natural texture and provide an interesting visual element to the wooden arrangement; they can be brightly colored or blend with the rest of the bouquet, and they can offer versatility to the decorations you have designed. Moreover, as they can last over the years, preserved filler flowers will be an ideal gift for the guests of the event you are organizing and can be kept in your family as a memento of your special day.

Preserved filler flowers preserve the natural aesthetics of fresh flower arrangements while enhancing their quality and durability. Plus, they provide a rich harmony in how the colors in the selected arrangement go together, are ideal for both rustic or seasonal decorations and modern monochromatic bouquets, and are eco-friendly and sustainable. Wood flowers and preserved filler plants complement each other, and at the end of the day, they can be one of the most insightful financial decisions you will make.

A Matter of Style

Preserved green filler flowers are not just accessories to enhance the look of your wood bulb arrangements but can be the key to your creativity. Using preserved greenery for arrangements is an excellent idea, as the practical benefits to your decorations can be combined with the subjective ones. Preserved flowers are long-lasting and require minimal maintenance, are sustainable and suitable for allergy sufferers, and are cheaper than fresh blossoms.

High-quality dried flowers, when purchased in bulk, are a financially favorable recipe, are available year-round regardless of the location, are obtainable in an impressive variety of colors and textures, and have become a staple of American events. Want to impress your guests and simultaneously save up on costs? Then, you can’t do better than with wood flowers accompanied by preserved greenery for arrangements. When properly designed, the accompaniment between dried and wood flowers makes for a fantastic blend of colors and textures, and they can be the highlight of your vision and make your event memorable.