If you are in Roma and you want to try a restaurant that serves authentic Indian food, looking for the right Indian restaurant Roma can bring you an amazing meal. Being very popular for their genuine tastes and delicious preparations, the Indian restaurants in Roma – SAAZ RESTOBAR have many choices that would make your taste buds travel to the land of India. Perhaps, it is high time to look deeper into the decision of the top 10 best dishes to order at an Indian restaurant Roma is an outstanding choice among Ristorante Indiano near me.


  1. Butter Chicken


Butter Chicken is among the most popular recipes in the range of Indian culinary traditions. It consists of softly cut chicken which has undergone the process of marinating in a solution of yogurt and select spices in addition to culinary butter, cooked in a finely and thickly based gravy of tomatoes. The sauce usually comprises butter, cream, and a medley of spices popularly referred to as ‘garam masala’, ‘cumin’, and ‘coriander’. This dish entails the interplay of the succulent marinated chicken with the creaminess of the sauce and for many, it is rather popular.


  1. Biryani


Biryani is a type of flavored rice prepared with a combination of chicken, lamb, or vegetables. It entails piling basmati rice on top of which is placed a preparation of minced meat or vegetables, turmeric, and other spices, and at times fried onions and boiled eggs. The dish is cooked for some time to enable the various flavors to combine hence creating a flavored aromatic dish. Some of the spices include saffron, cardamom, cloves, and cinnamon which are usually added to prepare Biryani and these confer on its unique properties.


  1. Palak Paneer


Palak paneer is a mouth-watering dish among vegetarians it contains spinach with homemade paneer. The paneer is generally cube-shaped and is added to the gravy prepared with pureed spinach, tomato, garlic, spices, etc. This is a wonderful dish that can be enjoyed while being a great source of Proven nourishment for the body. This combination has been purposely chosen to have the rich green of the spinach contrasting with the soft and slightly bland taste of the paneer.


  1. Tandoori Chicken


Tandoori Chicken is a fairly famous dish that is famous for its ‘burnt’ redness and its smokiness. The chicken is soaked in a yogurt and spices marinade of turmeric, cayenne pepper, and garam masala then roasted in a tandoori oven. Broiling is a method of cooking typically at high temperatures which makes the chicken have a charred taste and soft. The consequence is a dish that has a great, succulent taste, which is more than suitable for every enthusiast of grilled food products.


  1. Rogan Josh


The best known of all the curries, Rogan Josh is a lamb curry which is of Kashmiri origin. It is characterized by its heavy, rich taste which is attributed to one cooking the lamb for quite a long time while incorporating spices and yogurt into the preparation process. Part of the ingredients may consist of cardamom, cloves, and cinnamon to the preparation of this dish due to the sauce. The tender, succulent lamb takes on these flavors well, and Rogan Josh is one of the pride of Indian restaurant Roma.


  1. Chole Bhature


Chole Bhature is a food specialty from the Punjab region in the northern part of India which is Spicy chickpea curry with deep-fried bread. They use a combination of Indian spices which include cumin, coriander, and garam masala in making chickpea curry to make it rich and tasty. Bhature is a fine soft bread that is fluffy and ideal to be served with spicy curry. It is widely served as a breakfast or a lunch meal because the combination of all the ingredients provides total satisfaction with their taste and softness.


  1. Masala Dosa


The described meal is called Masala Dosa which is one of the main dishes of South Indian cuisine; it includes a very thin and tender pancake produced from fermented rice and lentil dough. The dosa is then packed with spicy potato stuff, which when eaten with the dosa forms a tasty meal. This dish is best accompanied by Coconut chutney and usually follows a dish named sambar, which is a preparation made using lentils and vegetables. This is a typical Ristorante Indiano near me where you have the crispy dosa accompanied by spiced-up potatoes and a spoonful of mango and coconut chutneys; a good combination of texture and flavors for a stomach.


  1. Lamb Vindaloo


Since it contains lots of spices Lamb Vindaloo is considered to be a spicy dish for those whom spicy food does not harm. Derived from the coastal state of Goa in India, this dish is mainly prepared by slow-cooking tender lamb pieces in vinegar garlic, and red chili gravy. It is the special preparation of spices including the vinegar which makes Vindaloo to be characterized by its strong and piquant taste. The dish is usually hot though not extremely hot so for those who love their foods hot, this dish is for them.


  1. Samosas


Indeed, samosas are famous Indian appetizers that are consumed universally. The specialty of this chain of food joints is potato and peas filled in a spicy paste and deep fried. The coating on the surface of the preparation is quite crunchy and has a beautiful golden brown color; the stuffing is very aromatic and has the right degree of spiciness. The side dishes that accompany the delicious samosas are mint chutney or tamarind sauce complement the rich stuffing by being fresh and sour. It is advisable to take it as an appetizer or as a small meal interphase in between breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner.


  1. Gulab Jamun


Similarly, no meal is said to be complete in India without serving sweets and the most famous sweet that can be served at the end of the meal is Gulab Jamun. This fritter is prepared from milk solids and flour and fry for a while The coated fried balls are soaked in the flavored sugar syrup in which cardamom and rose water are mixed. The end product is a pretty simple to whip up, sweet, aromatic, and delicious dessert. Gulab Jamun is an irresistible sweet, which is often preferred for acquiring during functions and religious ceremonies.


Why An Indian Restaurant Roma?


When looking for a Ristorante Indiano near me, the following are some of the best restaurants in Roma. They are not only for good food but for a friendly environment and atmosphere. Adherence to the use of fresh ingredients, most of which are sourced locally, and cooking techniques that are traditional are some of the ways the company keeps the meal authentic. Also, a friendly and considerate team of attendants is always ready to assist with the orders and even recommend some meals that would perfectly suit guests’ tastes.



Therefore, it can be stated that SAAZ RESTOBAR is very much genuine. These Indian restaurant Roma have yummy menus with a large number of recipes to relish and that is why these restaurants are recommended for everyone who wants to try out traditional Indian cuisine. These restaurants offer customers curries, rice meals, sweets, and everything in between, proving that there is nothing that cannot be fulfilled with a good outing at a restaurant.