For Muslim women all around the world, the Umrah—the spiritual journey to Makah and Madinah—is an incredibly religious experience. You must be familiar with the clothing code as you get ready for this life-changing experience. Women’s basic dress code for Umrah as Ihram must be a dress that covers the entire body from the Start to the finishing period of Umrah rituals.
The following information will help you fulfill your spiritual duties and adopt grace and modesty as you examine the rules for Umrah dress in 2024.

Observing Sanctity: Complying with Islamic Principles

The Islamic values of modesty and respect, which are the foundation of the Umrah attire for women. It highlights how crucial it is to establish an atmosphere that encourages spiritual concentration throughout the journey and to show oneself externally in a way that reflects one’s inner devotion. Respecting the religious significance of holy places and your fellow pilgrims by dressing appropriately helps to create a feeling of respect and unity.

Important Elements: The Fundamentals of Umrah Clothing

The primary components of the Umrah dress code for women are full-body, loose-fitting garments. Below is an explanation of the key elements:

Abaya or Jilbab: The base of your attire is the long, flowing Jilbab, also known as an abaya. Especially in the warmer months, use light, airy materials like linen or cotton.
Shayla or Khimar: Your hair should be fully covered by this head covering. The Niqab, which covers the lower part of the face, and a headscarf that must be firmly wrapped to cover all of the hair are preferred choices.
The undergarments: Under your abaya, wear cozy, invisible underwear that covers your body under Ihram clothes. Make sure they go perfectly with the colors of your outfit as the entire thing.

Accepting Comfort and Style: Selecting the Appropriate Outfits

During Umrah, comfort is just as crucial as modesty. Here are some pointers for selecting the correct attire:

Choosing Fabric Material: Choose textiles that are light and breathable to guarantee that you may move freely throughout Sa’i (walking between Safa and Marwa) and Tawaf (the circumambulation of the Kaaba).
Color Scheme: Use modest, neutral colors that convey reverence and peace for the sacred locations, while there are no set color schemes to stick to. The most common choices include black, white, beige, and soft blue or green tones.

Selecting Shoes: It is recommended to wear cozy, closed-toe footwear when navigating the congested areas around the Grand Mosque (Haram). To maintain safety when standing for a long period, use flat shoes that have a good grip.

Customizing with Grace: Balancing the Style & Modesty

There is no need for the Umrah dress code to be drab. Here are some elegant ways to add style to your outfit without violating modesty:

Embellishments: You can add a little style to your abaya without sacrificing modesty by adding simple embroidery or ornate stitching to the sleeves or hems.
Hijab Styles: Practice with different headscarf arrangements for an elegant and cozy fit. There’s no shortage of ideas for sophisticated hijab styles thanks to online instructions.
Make Smart Accessory Selections: Understated earrings or a basic pendant can provide a sophisticated touch. Steer clear of anything that might get on clothes during the rites, like heavy jewelry.

Beyond the Clothes: Fostering Spirituality Internally

Even though following the dress code is important, true modesty goes beyond looks. Increase your inner piety by keeping your purposes front and center, acting with decency toward other pilgrims, and making sure that all you do is in line with the Umrah’s spiritual meaning. The finest decorations for your pilgrimage are a heart filled with truth and good intentions.

Essentials for Packing and Panning: Get Prepared

Make sure you have different clothes that are appropriate and comfy while you preparing for your Umrah pilgrimage. When packing, take note of the weather in Makah and Madinah on the days you will be there. Having accessories like a prayer blanket or a small scarf can be useful while traveling. Recall that the main goal is to grow spiritually, therefore minimize your belongings, and give top priority to those who will provide a peaceful and joyful Umrah.


You can easily enjoy your Umrah travel from Glasgow if you understand the clothing code and accept its meaning. Keep in mind that your devotion to your connection with Allah (SWT) is what really makes Umrah what it is. I hope your path offers you blessings, spiritual development, and a fresh sense of purpose. So, put comfort first, dress respectfully, and get ready for an experience that is going to alter your life forever.