Artificial intelligence is being adopted in every spheres of life these days. There are hardly any businesses that artificial intelligence cannot be implemented. AI applications are revolutionizing the military and defense sector, banking sectors, agriculture, IT firms, industrial sectors and modern private businesses. That is why demand for ai developers in India has increased. However there are several challenges that India is facing that we are not capable of meeting the increase in demand for ai developers. In this article we will explore these challenges of AI developers India. By encouraging more students in AI courses we can meet the ai developer demands in IT firms or ai development companies.

Challenges Faced by AI Developers in India

  1. Inadequate Availability of AI Courses in Colleges

In India we have many IIMs and IITs where students can opt in for computer science branch. But there are only few colleges where AI courses in offered to students. This is because of lack of resources, faculty and courseware materials, or infrastructure in the colleges. Less allocation of money for education causes the management team to restrict their courses to traditional ones and removing them from current syllabus. Cutting down expenses in colleges hampers the student’s life as they are not able to enroll for ai courses in India and they have to go outside India and opt in for offshore colleges providing ai courses.

  1. Infrastructure Limitations Hindering AI Adoption

AI requires 5G networks, and reliable broadband connectivity with excellent speed. AI solutions working on slow broadband will have poor user experience and waiting for the results might irritate the user. Since in India broadband connectivity is not proper hence there are lots of restrictions for ai developers in India for developing customized ai solutions for unique business requirements.

  1. Talent and Skill Gap in AI Domain

AI Development Company needs highly skilled, motivated and talented ai developers who can understand the business requirements for ai projects, formulate cost effective and powerful ai strategies for building customized ai applications for solving particular business problems. If there is skill gap in ai development team then it becomes challenging tasks for completing the development work of ai projects.

  1. Investor Skepticism towards AI Adoption

Investor provides money to business owners or innovators. Innovators, entrepreneurs who have unique business ideas pitch for ai projects and investors can bid for these project and make investments. Since artificial intelligence is the latest technology that is unpredictable in present time hence many investors are skeptical in investing in ai development projects in India.

5. Government Initiatives and Alignment for AI Education

Indian government has initiated several government programs through skill development campaigns and training sessions for interested students. This is still not enough for remote village areas. The reason is because many villages in India do not have basic educational infrastructure in government schools or colleges.

To sum up we must say that there are many challenges faced by ai developers in India. We should understand their challenges, encourage more students to opt in for artificial intelligence courses and pursue their career opportunities in ai field. There is vast career opportunity in ai development in India.