Monopoly GO, a mobile adaptation of the classic Monopoly board game, has garnered a massive following since its launch. This digital version retains the essence of the original game while introducing new elements to enhance the player experience. One such feature is the dice multiplier, a crucial aspect that can significantly influence gameplay. In this article, we will delve deep into the Monopoly GO dice multiplier, exploring its mechanics, benefits, and strategies for maximizing its potential.

What is the Dice Multiplier?

The dice multiplier in Monopoly GO is a feature that allows players to increase the number of moves they can make in a single turn. Essentially, it multiplies the outcome of the dice roll, enabling players to traverse the board more quickly and strategically. This can lead to various advantages, such as landing on high-value properties, completing sets, and avoiding penalties.

How Does the Dice Multiplier Work?

The dice multiplier works by multiplying the result of your dice roll by a predetermined factor. For example, if you roll a 4 and have a 2x multiplier, you will move 8 spaces instead of 4. This multiplier can vary, with common values being 2x, 3x, or even higher during special events.

How To Activate the Dice Multiplier

To activate the dice multiplier, players often need to meet specific conditions or use certain in-game items. Here are a few common ways to activate it:

  1. In-Game Events: Special events often provide opportunities to earn or activate dice multipliers. Participating in these events and completing tasks can reward players with temporary or permanent multipliers.
  2. Power-Ups: Certain power-ups in the game can grant dice multipliers. These power-ups can be earned through gameplay or purchased using in-game currency.
  3. Daily Rewards: Logging in daily and collecting rewards can sometimes grant players a dice multiplier, encouraging regular play.

Benefits of the Dice Multiplier

The Free Dice in Monopoly GO offers several benefits that can give players a competitive edge. Here are some of the key advantages:

Faster Board Navigation

With a dice multiplier, players can move around the board more quickly. This can be particularly beneficial when aiming to land on high-value properties or avoiding unfavorable spaces like taxes or jail.

Increased Property Acquisition

Landing on more spaces in a single turn increases the chances of acquiring more properties. This can help players complete property sets faster, allowing them to build houses and hotels sooner and generate more rent from opponents.

Enhanced Strategy

The dice multiplier adds a strategic layer to the game. Players can use it to plan their moves more effectively, such as aiming to land on a specific property or avoiding certain hazards. This can lead to more calculated and successful gameplay.

How to Earn Free Dice In Monopoly Go?

Earning Free Dice in Monopoly GO can significantly enhance your gameplay. Here are some methods to earn these valuable boosts:

Participate in Daily Challenges

Daily challenges often offer dice multipliers as rewards. Make sure to check the challenges regularly and complete them to earn these bonuses.

Spin the Wheel

The in-game wheel spin can reward players with various bonuses, including dice multipliers. Take advantage of this feature daily to increase your chances of earning multipliers.

Purchase with In-Game Currency

If you’re willing to invest in the game, you can purchase dice multipliers using in-game currency. This can provide a quick boost to your gameplay, especially during critical moments.


The dice multiplier is a powerful feature in Monopoly GO that can significantly influence your gameplay. By understanding how it works and adopting strategic approaches, you can maximize its benefits and gain a competitive edge. Whether you’re aiming to acquire more properties, navigate the board faster, or enhance your overall strategy, the dice multiplier can be a valuable tool in your Monopoly GO arsenal. Remember to balance its use with careful planning and thoughtful decision-making to achieve the best results.