Unlock European markets with our expert placement agent services for asset managers. We provide a robust fund distribution platform designed for maximum reach and growth. Our specialized placement agent services ensure your funds achieve optimal visibility and engagement across key markets. Partner with us to leverage our extensive network and industry expertise, driving unparalleled success and expansion for your asset management portfolio.

What are the benefits of working with fundfinity?

Fundfinity leverages its extensive local market knowledge to aid asset managers in expanding into new regions at a reasonable cost without the need for a local sales force. Our team is well-versed in the distribution networks, investor preferences, and regulatory landscape across multiple geographies. We can realize large economies of scale and synergies that streamline and expedite entry and expansion into new markets by representing a number of asset managers.

How to start a relationship with your company?

A partnership with fundfinity typically begins with a no-obligation initial meeting to discuss the asset manager’s needs and expectations. The initial contact is followed by a thorough due diligence phase, where we evaluate compatibility and potential for a successful partnership, focusing on critical details such as markets, funds distribution, and sales activities.

How does the cooperation with fundfinity work?

The collaboration begins with a thorough onboarding process, which includes an introduction to our processes, a review of the asset manager’s current distribution strategy, and a discussion of their specific objectives and requirements. Together, we develop a customised sales strategy. Fundfinity assumes the role of an active sales partner by directly approaching potential investors and creating and presenting marketing materials and sales propositions.

What fees are charged for your services?

Our fee structure is tailored to your specific needs and resources. The policy is flexible, incorporating a fixed retainer for operational costs and a performance-based component tied to sales success measured by acquired assets.

How does fundfinity select asset managers and funds?

At fundfinity, we take great care in selecting our asset managers and funds. Our rigorous review process considers several key factors, including the manager’s reputation and historical performance, the robustness and transparency of the investment process, the uniqueness of the offering (usp), the current and projected demand for the respective investment class, and the market opportunity.

Which asset managers and asset classes does fundfinity distribute?

We specialise in the distribution of both liquid and illiquid investment products. In the liquid area, we cover products such as equities, bonds, and multi-asset strategies. In the alternative investments area, we focus on private equity, property investments, and hedge funds. This diversity enables us to serve a wide range of investor needs.

What are the success criteria for the cooperation between an asset manager and fundfinity?

The success of our partnerships is based on close and transparent cooperation with the asset manager. Both parties must be willing to invest time and resources in joint sales efforts. This includes regular presentations, meetings, business trips, and participation in requests for proposals (rfps). The key success criteria are the growth of assets under management and the achievement of the asset manager’s distribution goals.

What is a third party marketing company?

A third party marketing (tpm) company acts as an external distribution partner for asset managers by marketing their fund products and services to professional and institutional investors. This enables asset managers to expand their reach and presence in target markets without the direct cost and risk of setting up their distribution structures. As a tpm, fundfinity leverages its expertise and network to help asset managers increase their distribution capabilities and reach a wider investor base.

How do third party marketing and placement agent models differ from each other?

Placement agents and tpms are models that help asset managers generate funds, with placement agents focusing on obtaining cash for projects or firms, and tpms distributing investment products. Placement agents usually work on a project basis and are more involved in the structural set-up and initial stages of capital acquisition. The choice between the two models depends on the asset manager’s specific needs and objectives.

What is fundfinity’s business model?

Our business model is based on a combination of fixed and performance-based fees. The retainer covers our basic costs and enables us to provide a high-quality, continuous service. This model aligns our interests with those of our clients, as we only succeed when our clients succeed.

Which investors does fundfinity address?

Our focus is on working with professional and institutional investors. Our extensive database comprises more than 18,000 investor contacts, mainly in the dach (germany, austria, switzerland), uk, netherlands, luxembourg and scandinavia regions. Investor segments include independent financial advisors (ifas), asset managers, banks, family offices, insurance companies, pension funds, foundations and funds of funds.

What services does your company provide?

Fundfinity offers a wide range of services aimed at maximising the sales success of our clients. These include in-depth market analyses, strategic advice, the development of sales strategies, direct investor outreach and ongoing sales through personal contacts, telephone calls and digital communication. We also offer roadshows, webinars, marketing materials and pr services to maximise the reach and impact of our sales activities. Visit here for more info:- https://fundfinity.net/placement-agent-services/