MOT tests, widely renowned as Ministry of Transport tests, are the annually conducted tests for vehicles in the UK having a lifespan over 3 years. These tests conducted to ensure the vehicles meet the environmental, safety and controlling standards set by the government are also beneficial in assuring the driver about the eligibility and condition of their vehicle. Vehicles are evaluated through various aspects and measures such as vehicle structure,  exhaust emissions, safety structure, lights, brakes and overall performance of the vehicle on the road.

These tests are mandatory for vehicles in the UK to be eligible for driving on the roads and ensure total safety and meeting of the environmental standards. These tests are also essential in assuring the drivers that they are driving vehicles which have passed certain criteria to be called safe and secure which resultantly in a sense of confidence in them. In case, if someone fails to pass this test, they need to get their MOT Wirral done to reappear in this test.

Process of MOT Test

First, in the lot, you have to get an appointment for an MOT test for your vehicle. This is doable through phone, online and person-to-person at the test center. You have to be very precise about your arrival on the scheduled time of the MOT test of your vehicle. You have to bring your vehicle to the MOT test center at the appointed time. Next in the lot comes where the certified examiners and evaluators inspect your vehicle carefully to ensure that it meets the security and safety standards set by the government.

The officials convey the result of the test to you through documents which carry the statement of your vehicle passing or failing the MOT test. The results are completely unbiased and examined on eligibility. There comes the evaluation of the failed vehicles. In this step, the officials and examiners send documents to the owner detailing the reasons for the rejection of the vehicle. The owner also has the option to rectify the issues and apply for a retest in the given timeframe without any additional charges if done in the same Car Servicing Wirral center.

Parts Checked During MOT Test

First of all, it is ensured that each light in the system is working properly. Braking being the most important functionality is checked in the second process. Whole braking system is thoroughly checked. When the car is used in Off roads or on a bad road condition it is necessary to check for Corrosion and wear on the Car’s Suspension component. Tyres of the wheels are examined. It includes verifying the type, size, and tread depth. The Steering system is evaluated for wear and suitable functioning is ensured.

Now, for the Sound and Air pollution reasons the Exhaust is checked. Examination for any leaks, improper installation and emission. Lastly, the most important thing is that seat belts are checked. Making sure they are buckled securely and are in good condition. Assessing the windscreen and mirrors for damage and assuring visibility. Evaluating state laws and visibility of the registration plate visibility. Verify every component is secure while checking for leaks.

Pre-Check Before Going for MOT

Look for any damages and repair them before taking your car for MOT. Check all your tyres have a minimum of one point six millimeters of tread around the whole tyre. Check the condition of all the headlights and make sure that none of the lenses are cracked or damaged and all the bulb lights are working. Check your fuel cap, as this needs to fit securely. Do a basic visual check on your brake discs and pads by looking at the discs and pads through the holes in your wheels. Another thing you need to check is the handbrake function. Check your engine oil using the dipstick. Your engine oil should be between the minimum and maximum marks. The handbrake works on a ratcheting system, and that needs to work in order. The overall condition of the tyre should be better, so make sure there are no rips, tears, or cuts. Check your dashboards for any warning lights that stay on when your car is running. This simple checklist will help you spot any potential problems with your car.


MOT testing is a very important and crucial aspect for the ownership of a vehicle which ensures the car meets the necessary safety and roadworthiness standards. MOT testing does not provide highlights of your year but aims to make the process efficient and stress-free. A dedicated team of technicians and mechanics conducts the MOT testing, which is well-equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment. The technician identifies and addresses the potential issues of the car and provides you with the peace of mind of knowing whether your vehicle is in top condition or not.