Window cleaning may seem like an easy task but it is not, especially when it comes to bond cleaning. When your landlord comes to check the house for bond cleaning, he/she will also go through the window inspection. Cleaning the window is one task but making it streak-free is the real task. You might have noticed that even after cleaning the window, there appear white lines called streaks which put the viewer in doubt about the window cleaning. That is why we have collected some methods from Bond Cleaning Services Toowoomba to learn better about What Professional Window Cleaners Use To Clean Windows. Stay tuned to learn more about this.

What Are the Solutions Used by Expert Window Cleaners?

Here is the list and the methods of using window cleaning solutions by the experts.

  • Dish Soap Solution: The most common cleaning solution is the dishwasher and water. Use a gallon of water and add 2 spoons of dishwasher in it. Just take the soft sponge and scrub the grease from it. Use a soft sponge to avoid any kind of scratches. This dishwasher solution is the most common cleaning solution used by professionals.
  • White Vinegar: White vinegar is also used for cleaning the windows too. It is especially used to make your windows streaks-free after cleaning. It is also a common cleaner used by professionals. Alk, you have to do it to make a mixture of white vinegar, dishwash, and water. Mix and spray them on the windows. Clean them with a sponge. It is the most affordable window cleaner that a professional is using.
  • Commercial Cleaning Solutions: There are various window cleaning solutions available in the market to clean your window perfectly and make it shine like new. You can find them in a local store. Yes, it reduces your effort of making a handmade solution but it may cause chemical issues. These solutions contain high of chemicals and are harmful to your skin. But still, if you are using them, do not forget to wear hand gloves and protective gear.

What Are Professional Window Cleaning Tools?

According to the Bond Cleaning in Toowoomba team, below are some of the professional window cleaning tools:

  • Squeeze: The squeeze contains a rubber attached to it to clean the windows properly and make it streak-free. It is an essential tool to clean your windows and is a must-have professionals think.
  • Gentle Scrub pads: These are soft scrubbing pads mainly used for removing stubborn stains like insects and bird poop, cement stains, etc. They are not hard or sharp, they are intentionally made soft to avoid any kind of scratches.
  • Steel Wool: If there are stubborn stains all around, then professionals buy steel wool to remove the stains. But make sure to buy a perfect steel wool because you can’t afford scratches on your windows in terms of cleaning.
  • Microfibre Cloth: Another pro tip for streak-free window cleaning is using a microfibre cloth. A Microfibre cloth helps to clean the window without leaving lint. It is the source of making your window completely streak-free.

What Are the Cleaning Techniques for Window Cleaning Toowoomba?

Here are the professional techniques for cleaning the windows:

  • Use distilled water: As distilled water is less or negligible harder than tap water, it is the best source of cleaning. Hard water contains minerals like calcium and magnesium which are responsible for producing streaks on your window surface.
  • Newspaper: Use an old newspaper to wipe your windows to make it streak-free. But make sure the window surface does not leave the impression of their inks behind.
  • Cotton towels: You can clean the windows with a cotton towel too. It is also a good source of cleaning the windows. You can use vinegar solution on the towel to make the cleaning more worthy.


In this blog on, “What Do Professional Window Cleaners Use To Clean Windows’ we have mentioned the types of tools, techniques, and cleaners used by a window cleaning professional for your end-of-lease cleaning. You can get them easily in the local market. The techniques are simple too. But if you lack the time, you can hire a bond clean expert to make your windows shine like new ones.