Not your typical sex toys are monster dildos. Myths, stories, and the fantastical realms of our minds are the sources of inspiration for their designs. Exotic features such as tentacles and dragons are reflected in the one-of-a-kind shapes.

Shapes reminiscent of dragons that foretell a raging confrontation and unearthly tentacles challenge the ordinary and uninteresting. Since each one offers a different collection of feelings, there’s always something fresh to learn.

What piques your interest, though, are the extraterrestrial-looking characteristics—the lumps, knots, and textures absent from ordinary ones. All the proper places will be targeted in ways you can’t even begin to fathom.

monster dildo

Distinct Qualities and Materials

Various pliable silicones are available, each with its own set of benefits. The stimulation is more severe with firm silicone because it doesn’t give much when compressed. Conversely, big partners may be best introduced to softer, more pliable silicone.

In the sex toy industry, temperature-responsive materials serve as equivalents to mood rings. Put your silicone companion in the fridge for a few minutes, or soak it in warm water before using it. This simple trick has the power to make you feel both happy and cozy.

Size Considerations

We advise going with a size that fits you well at first. If you insist on jumping to the biggest size on the shelf, you will regret it. You have the option to access greater dimensions at your convenience.

‘Sizing up’ needs to be a steady and organic process. Listen to your body whenever it is ready to take it to the next level.
The impact on your encounter might also be psychologically influenced by its size. One possible interpretation of the scale is that it indicates intensity or a greater depth of research.

When working with bigger diameters, lots of lube is required. Do not rush; if discomfort arises, halt. Your goal is to seek joy, not anguish.

Are They Intended for Novices?

Feel free to enjoy the monster dildo even if you’re starting. Opt for more understated and compact styles. You may feel more at ease during your first encounter with more minor and less ominous options. To keep from being overwhelmed, choose a monster formed of softer materials.

You might express reservations about monster dildos due to their unique design or the fact that you don’t identify as the “type of person” who uses them. The issue is, if you’re looking for a whole new level of enjoyment, sex toys are there for everyone to grasp.

monster dildo with Dirty Toyz

Concerns Regarding Hygiene and Safety

Getting your hands filthy doesn’t imply you must forego cleanliness and safety. You should continue to prioritize these two. Let’s examine the key factors that will ensure safe and exciting play with monster toys.

Critical Role of Non-Toxic Substances

Before buying a toy, ensure it is safe for children’s bodies. Stay away from anything that could cause injury to your sensitive area. Your best bet would be to use medical-grade silicone, glass, or metal because they are hypoallergenic, non-porous, and phthalate-free.

How to Keep Your Monster Dildo Clean and Safe

Toys may be kept clean and safe for human usage for a long time with the right care and maintenance. After each usage:

  • Wash it in warm water with a gentle soap or a cleanser specifically for sex toys.
  • Before putting it away, make sure it’s scorched.
  • Store it in its original pouch to protect it from germs and dust.
  • Disinfect your toy after each usage if you plan on sharing it with someone. 

Preventing Possible Dangers

Protect yourself from pain and harm by using your monster dildo. For a more comfortable session, use enough of lube. Lubricants made of silicone are known to damage silicone toys. However, water-based lubrication is typically OK to use with silicone toys. Remember this, and your toy will endure.

Monster Dildo, Lubricants, and You

Be sure to use the appropriate lubricant for both your toy and yourself. And keep in mind that a generous amount might significantly lessen resistance. With a smooth and silky connection between your anal or vaginal orifice and the toy, each push becomes enjoyable. Choose lubes that match your toy’s substance. If unsure, dab some on the toy’s base for discolorations.


A monster dildo is excellent for satisfying shared desires. Any kinky play you can think of, these toys can elevate it to the next level. We invite you on an adventure, a personal quest where the treasure is greater connection and shared pleasure; they are more than just accessories.