Any building owner’s and homeowner worst’s affliction is experiencing sewage backup. The stinging smell, health risks and possible disruption of your normal schedule become very overwhelming. What are the indications that there is a sewage backup? In the field of hygiene, sewage contamination is an important topic to discuss as the measures of professional Sewage Cleanup safety measures, steps to take in order to avoid similar situations in the future

Signs You Need Sewage Cleaning

Sewage smells:  An obvious sign that you are dealing with a backup, is the release of a powerful stench of sewage coming from your drains, or toilets.

Overflowing toilets: When the toilet has the misfortune of overflowing with sewage, then it definitely is a permafrost sign of a sewage back up situation in need of correction.

Visible sewage: If you notice that your drains, bathtubs, or toilets have sewage in them such a situation, then you have a big problem.

The Dangers of Sewage Contamination

Sewage has many kinds of pathogenic bacteria, viruses, and parasites that if one comes across them, he or she can easily fall sick. It is important to avoid trying to sanitize sewage on your own. The probability of direct contact with the pathological agents is just too high. To avoid any injuries and effectively pump the sewage, one should always call a professional service.

The Professional Sewage Cleaning Process

Emergency Response:  As much as we know that Sewage Cleaning is an emergency, the following procedures shall be adopted. The members of this team will promptly react in order to handle the situation within a targeted space of time.

Safety First:  Our technicians are qualified and the appropriate protective clothing and/or goggles is provided and worn by our technicians when dealing with sewage.

Identifying the Source: With the help of certain tools, our team will find the source of the backup and analyze the ways to eliminate the problem.

Clearing the Blockage: In this case, there are several ways of unblocking it depending on the blockage, location or its degree. This may require sweeping equipment, hydro jetting that involves use of high pressure water or sometimes even the replacement of the sewer lines.

Waste Disposal:  All sewage waste will also be dealt with in a proper manner as dictated by the laws of the regions the building is located in.

Preventing Future Sewage Backups

 Be mindful of what you flush  when using the toilet, Do not flush anything that is not toilet paper or human waste. Toilet paper, greasy paper, sanitary towels, baby diapers and many others are some of the products that cause clogging.

Use a drain guard For a hair clog prevention, make sure to place drain guards on all of your sinks and tubs to trap hair and anything else before it goes down the drain. Get regular drain cleaning These should be cleaned by a professional on a yearly or at most a two – year basis to remove any debris that might block the drain. Be mindful of tree roots  Tree roots can enter the sewer line in order to break it at a certain point or to take the rewards blocked from sliding down. If trees that  have large trunks are close to the sewer line, probably have overgrown roots that may cause a problem, Consider having the trees checked.


 Sewage backups are very stressful on the home and businesses; this is why, at Capital Restoration Cleaning, we respond urgently. Our qualified and certified technicians can use the advanced equipment and technology to solve any source of sewage cleaning challenge successfully and effectively.