Accidents can be happened by a bunch of factors. One of the major reasons of an accident is making of a call, text and sending an image when we are driving. This application may be immaterial or from another mobile phone. Virtual applications like phone dialing, texting, and maps are included among many others. In case an accident is your result of a driver being distracted on mobile device, maybe you should get in touch with Florida car accident lawyer.

However, one can find more stringent laws regulating the use of cell phones while driving, as the phone use during driving is considered to be high-risk behavior. As for penalties the same violation as with a regular police officer, only in this case the driver would be given 3 points.

Passing a Hands-Free Law, you might be sanctioned by law for the following penalties. For instance, being on the phone while wrapping it with your ear or doing anything else in violation of the law, you could face the penalties. For the first violation, a fine not exceeding $50 and only 1 penalty point is stipulated. Second-time offenders are likely to be fined no more than $100, and they will also be awarded points on the license, up to two points. Under Hands-Free Law, the fine for the first two offenses if you are convicted is $50 and one point each on your license, for the 3rd or 4th offense, you are fined $100 and awarded two points on your license.

A Distraction to Driving, Mobile Devices Not Only Bring Accidents, But Also Make It Difficult to Avoid Crashes

Distracted driving significantly impacts the traffic safety on a road where many crashes happen consequently. The numbers are astounding with 3,832 incidents of being distracted-at-the-wheel reported by the General Department of Public Safety of overall countries in 2015. In numbers, that figure in 2016 increased to 3,998 in many states. Mobile phone use is among the most common factors correlated with distracted driving. The law permits the driver using a cell phone while behind the wheel to pay a fine if a crash occurs. The driver therefore may be held responsible for car accident claim or lawsuit. A legal fault in the car accident case is mainly based on the carelessness of the driver.

If the driver, in fact, were using his handset for call reception as well as for typing or sending a text message, you may present this as evidence of carelessness in your claim for damages. Additionally, data gathered through the defendant’s mobile phone can pinpoint the items which were being used on the device around the time of the crash. The data can also be used as evidence that is in support of your claim accordingly.

When a holding for the liability due the employer is vicarious because the driver, being on a business call or employing a mobile for business purposes caused a crash, it is possible to hold him or her liable. It can proceed, but only if the person responsible behind the accident had clocked in, or was on the clock, within the bounds of their employment. Necessarily, when these two elements are present, you can recourse the company by filing the claim and getting the larger compensation.

He/She makes a concluding remark on the benefits of hiring a Florida Car Accident Lawyer.

If you have been the victim of a wreck in a city of Florida and you have injuries including other losses, it is vital to immediately seek legal support. This is what the experienced lawyers at The Fenstersheib Law Group, P.A are here for: “Hands-Free Law” and other personal injury law sectors can be greatly employed by our attorneys to hold the other party at fault for the crash. After that, we will move to the questions of who is accountable and then we will negotiate to get the best settlement possible for your loss. Call for a consultation with our attorneys regarding a car crash claim, after you reach out to us.