In the modern age, a business can only survive with a captivating website. And not just any website, but one that is customized, visually appealing, and offers a personalized touch. To build such websites, choosing the right development platform is also essential. Years ago, businesses preferred choosing PHP for website development. They have now realized that its features are limited and not suitable for building a headless website. Hence, Drupal came into the picture.  In the blog post below, we explain why choosing Drupal over PHP can be the ideal solution for your business. Additionally, hire a professional Drupal development company to build a customized website for your business.

Reasons to Choose Drupal Over PHP

When selecting a platform for web development, many developers and organizations face the choice between using a content management system (CMS) like Drupal and a general-purpose scripting language like PHP. Here are several reasons why Drupal has an edge over PHP.

1. Customization and Flexibility

Drupal is highly customizable and flexible, offering thousands of modules that extend its core functionality. Whether a business needs e-commerce capabilities, multilingual support, or advanced content management, there is likely a module available to meet those needs. Customizing Drupal to fit specific business requirements is often simpler and faster than building custom solutions with PHP from scratch. This flexibility allows businesses to create unique and tailored experiences for their users. The firm you choose for Drupal development services can help with adding customization to your website.

2. Support of Acquia

While PHP still functions as a scripting language where manual coding is required, Drupal gets the support of Acquia, a Digital Experience Platform (DXP), for smooth content management and building personalized digital experiences that modern customers demand. 

3. Cost-Effective

While there is a cost associated with setting up and maintaining a Drupal-based website, the overall cost can be lower compared to building a site with PHP from scratch. The time saved in development, the availability of ready-to-use modules, and the reduced need for custom coding translate into cost savings. Additionally, the strong security and community support reduce the long-term maintenance costs.

4. Streamlined Content and Workflow Management

Drupal excels in content management and workflow, providing powerful tools for organizing, managing, and publishing content. It supports complex content types, taxonomies, and metadata, making it easier for businesses to create and manage large volumes of content. Additionally, Drupal offers robust workflow management features, including user roles and permissions, content moderation, and revisioning, which are essential for maintaining content quality and consistency in a business environment. The company you hire for Drupal development services will build a custom solution for smooth content management. 

5. Scalability

As businesses grow, their website needs often become more complex. Drupal is highly scalable and can handle large amounts of traffic and content without compromising performance. It is designed to support complex, high-traffic websites, making it suitable for businesses that anticipate significant growth or have high-traffic demands from the outset. PHP, while scalable, requires more effort to maintain performance and stability as the site grows.

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Choosing the right website development platform is critical to the success of your business. Hence, consider the reasons above to understand why choosing Drupal over PHP can be a strategic move toward the growth of your organization. Additionally, to build the website hire a reliable Drupal development company. They can help with custom development and add modules as per your business requirements.