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Author: wendy


Application of Varistor 

Application of Varistor Varistors are generally used in circuit surge and transient protection circuits. Varistor is a component with transient voltage suppression function, which can be used to replace the…


MOS transistor 

Metal-Oxide-SemIConductor (Metal-Oxide-SemIConductor) transistors are referred to as MOS transistors, which are divided into P-type MOS transistors and N-type MOS transistors. The integrated circuit composed of MOS tube is called MOS…


Resistive sensor 

A resistive sensor is a device that converts physical quantities such as displacement, deformation, force, acceleration, humidity, temperature, etc., into resistance value.   Resistive sensor device. There are mainly resistance…


LM741 operational amplifier 

describe The LM741 series are general-purpose operational amplifiers whose performance is superior to industry standards such as LM709. In most applications, they are direct plug-in replacements for 709C, LM201, MC1439…


LM317T ic part. 

National Semiconductor’s LM317T is a commonly used adjustable voltage regulator that can provide an output voltage of 1.25V to 37V with a maximum current of 1.5A. The output voltage can…