21 Jul 2024

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B. Sc. Nursing College in Gujarat 

The way our society is moving forward there is always a need for good healthcare facilities. While looking at the population of India we need more healthcare professionals including doctors, nursing staff, and administrative support. Swarrnim University is one institution which is providing all the…


Canada Study Visa Consultants 

Canada is one of the most favorable destinations for pursuing higher education. Canada boats of different collaborations with over 5000 top institutions around the world. The majority of the universities in Canada offer the highest quality education to their students. So, Canada is the best…

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AI trends in various sectors 

Among the latest technological advancements, Artificial Intelligence stands foremost. Deep learning and machine learning startups are blooming and their valuations are increasing more than ever due to increased demand for their solutions. Intellipaat is well familiar with this trend and is poised to teach Artificial…