08 Dec 2023

Category: Finance


Tips & Tricks to manage Online Personal Loan 

Nowadays all struggling and professionals both are opting for personal loans to fulfill their several needs. It is also because personal loans are easily approachable, unlike the old days where the candidate had to make an appointment even for a loan application. Online personal loans have made the whole…


Mexican Government Seeks Monopoly in the Energy Sector 

Proposal of Mexican governmental organization, The Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE), generates considerable uncertainty among investors. Concamin (Confederation of Industrial Chambers) accuses CRE of seeking a monopoly of the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE). The Mexican government seeks to limit the self-sufficiency scheme. Through the system, private…



  The industry keeps growing day by day, and though old is gold — new is always better. ProfitiX is a broker that has been operating since early 2019. They have implemented innovative digital experience into their marketplace, becoming some of the most modern brokers…