03 Mar 2024

What is vastu-shastra and how did it come about


What is vastu-shastra and how did it come about 

Vastu-shastra (“science of building” from Sanskrit) – system architectural planning and design in Hindu, as well as some Buddhist beliefs, based on ideas about the aura of the dwelling. The concept describes the methods of building, planning and arranging a house, based on the idea of ​​unity…


SEO Services In Ghaziabad 

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a technique, which is basically used by internet users to get to the top rankings of Search Engines like Google, MSN, Yahoo! etc. on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo! Hence SEO basically means Search Engine Optimization. SEO has…


How do chatbots help in reducing human errors?  

The craze of chatbots has gripped industries world over. These are computer programs capable of handling conversations like humans and responding with appropriate responses almost immediately. According to Gartner, 85% of customer interactions will be managed without human involvement. Modern-day chatbot software have Artificial Intelligence…


Home Remedies For Cold Sores 

Cold sores appear as pockets of fluid-filled blisters beneath the surface of the skin, especially on the lips or around the mouth. They can crust over, break open, and ooze – lasting for around one week to 10 days. These days can be troublesome, but…


What is outstaffing? 

Are you thinking about creating an IT department in your organization? Or you require people who will take care of all the software development needs you might have. Someone should manage your website, internal and external systems, but you don’t have many resources for the…