05 Mar 2024

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Child Psychologist in Meerut 

Need of Child Psychologist Understanding a child’s mind is not a rocket science. It takes a lot of patience and compassion to deal with these gentle minds. Child psychology is a branch that belongs to clinical psychology. It focuses on children through the process of…


Best Depression Doctor in Meerut 

Depression & Reason The main symptoms of depression include having constant negative thoughts and views about life. There are common cases where people commit suicide because they feel they are worthless and have no value in society. There are ways to combat depression in people…


Counsellor in Meerut 

What is Counselling In general, counselling psychology is the field of science that deals with helping, guiding, directing and facilitating all those who are in trouble. Psychoanalysis basically involves two people, one who assists and one who needs assistance. The first is called a counsellor…


Psychology Doctor in Meerut 

Work of Psychologist A psychologist is a person who diagnose psychological issues. In her field of work, the psychologist will examine the mind and behavior of the patient. They analyze in great detail how the patient feels, the patient’s emotions and how the patient sees…


Depression Doctor in Meerut 

What is Depression While it is true that there are no specific medical tests, such as laboratory tests, that can definitively diagnose depression. Doctors can recognize the symptoms of depression based primarily on a patient’s description of their symptoms and make an accurate diagnosis. Depression…


What is Stress Testing? 

QA Testing services by an outsourced testing firm can’t be ignored while developing a robust and fully functional Software or application. Stress Testing in Software Testing is a process that is done to determine the sturdiness and robustness of a particular website, software or application…