Email is a very significant mode of communication. Every organization uses the email for professional conversations, documents, and information sharing. Various mediums are available for communication, but email is the most professional way of doing this. 


SBC Global email service is one of the best email service provider in the USA. You can access your account by AT & T website.

SBC email service is accessible on both android and iPhone.

 Emails are a quick way of communication, but sometimes our customer complaints about some issues.

Our experts at SBC global email service explained some top issues related to Why the sbc Global email is not working.

Here are the top reasons, and their solutions are given below.

Slow internet is one of the major issues for not working email properly.


  1. Check internet connection if it is  working properly.
  2. If you are using third party email, check your SMTP/POP3 setting
  3. The version of the app may be the reason, update your app
  4. Check the email server setting.
  5. Your device should be compatible with SBCglobal App.
  6. Clear the history and cookies from your device’s browser.
  7. In Android Phone be sure about the IMAP/POP configuration.


By using these tips, you can resolve your issue quickly. In case the problem is not resolved, call sbc global customer service number – 1888-963-6403. Or email us at [email protected].