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Transmira Partners with Kognition to Develop Real Estate on Blockchain

The COVID-19 pandemic has definitely changed the world; and it has prompted a move toward online activities as people mostly shop, play, socialize and work online to avoid contacting the…

Blogging, Business, Entrepreneur, Magazine

What To Look For When Analysing Influencer Profiles

This new digital age that we are living in has sparked a need for brands to rethink their marketing strategies. It’s not that traditional advertising methods don’t work anymore, but…

Blogging, Education, Health, Magazine

How large are the radiation doses that we are exposed to in our everyday lives and should we be afraid of them?

Each day, we receive tiny doses of radiation. From this article, you will get to know the most intense sources of everyday radiation and the approximate doses that you receive…

Fitness, Health, LifeStyle

8 Surprising Reasons for Your Skin Troubles

Everyone dreams about flawless and healthy skin but we also know the brutal reality. Unless you’re blessed with great skin naturally, chances are that you face skin troubles that make…

Animals, Blogging, Technology

Monkey Plays Pong With Neuralink

Elon Musk’s Twitter account is a “must follow” for anyone on that particular social media platform. You’re never totally sure what you’re going to get from the madcap Tesla founder…

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Female Job Titles 

Indeed, women’s designated part as guardians of morality meant that in most nations, ‘separation allowances’ – funds paid to soldiers’ dependents – have been tied to their excellent behaviour, like…

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