Mountains are magical and Nepal is the ultimate home to this magical Himalaya. Travel freaks are not, just backpackers, but adventurous seekers always prefer Nepal as their ultimate trekking destination. This has been the result of the stunning beauty of the mountains that attracts thousands of tourists to the Highlands of Nepal each year. Over the last few years, Nepal has not just developed as a trekking destination but also offers adventurous and luxury tourism.


Before a few years, trekking to the mountains was all about the difficult hikes that would push you to a great limit. So, travelers who want to climb higher mountains in the future used to come to Nepal each year. But thanks to the travel agency of Nepal, there are now other interesting ways to explore the beauty of nature without a life-challenging trek. Even if you go for high-altitude treks, then you can go for an easier route or longer itinerary that will probably keep you comfortable and safe. Or, you can go on interesting helicopter tours and mountain flights. Helicopter flights have made the visit to mountains such as Everest and Annapurna really easy. So, this trip is not only good for travelers who are looking for a quick escape but a great option to travel with family. If you are looking for a great retirement holiday for your parents or celebrating some romantic occasion, then the Everest base camp can be the best way. And the opportunity to fly into the most beautiful mountainous landscape in less than two hours and spend a romantic time with your partner or useful time with your children can be really interesting.


While trekking to Everest is definitely fun, this is supposed to be an easier and more luxurious alternative for people who cannot invest much energy and time. This has been specially designed for business people who were coming to Nepal for a short seminar or vacation. Or if Kathmandu is just a quick stop before your next vacation, but you still want to see some of the best locations of Nepal, then nothing can beat the beauty of the Himalayas.


So, it doesn’t matter how and when you arrive in Nepal, if You’re looking for a trusted place to organize a life-changing vacation in Nepal, Himalayan Masters is there for you.


Everest base camp helicopter tour Cost:

The cost of Everest base camp helicopter tours is lower than the cost of an Everest base camp trek. Since trekking involves a long time and you will need other resources such as a porter and guide, it is quite expensive. Inclusive of domestic flight and all kinds of permits, the Everest base camp helicopter tour costs around $1500. On the other hand, the helicopter tour to Everest is only $1200.


Everest base camp helicopter tour safety 

We have the best-experienced pilot and the great conditions helicopter. These helicopters that have been regularly flying to Everest will definitely keep you safe and give you the most wonderful memory of your time without having to worry about being on a difficult hike. So let’s get connected.