There are many old and traditional trekking trails in Nepal. Most of these trekking trials have been initially used for the traders from Kathmandu to Tibet. A lot of Indian businessmen also used to take these routes to transfer goods from China to India and spices from India to China. Later on, it was re-constructed by the villagers as the trekking route.


Nowadays, the hiking adventure and comfort of Langtang make it a trekking route. Tourist travel in these salt trading routes and have a once-in-a-lifetime experience of their life. The Langtang Valley Trek is one of those popular salt trading trekking routes of Nepal that is highly preferred by travelers. Located in the north of Kathmandu, just around a hundred kilometers away from the capital, Langtang Valley Trek is a quite short and comfortable journey. For people who want to view the spectacular mountain without spending a lot of money or going through continuous travel of long hikes, this trek is a perfect alternative. Langtang Valley Trek

is quite preferred by backpackers who have not done any high-altitude trekking before. 


The Langtang Valley trek region has been designed as the luxury trekking route of Nepal. After the massive earthquake of 2015, the locals have re-established the trekking route of Langtang Valley Trek. Now, the hotels that have been constructed are beautiful in comparison to another trekking routes. All the hotels have facilities such as bigger rooms, attached bathrooms inside the room, and even heated rooms. So, if you want to spend a couple of days relaxing in the mountains of Nepal without compromising your comfort or luxury, that this is just the trip you are looking for. A perfect blend of hike adventure and comfort Langtang Valley Trek is the most go trek in Nepal. 


How much does the Langtang Valley Trek cost?

Do note that Langtang Valley trek is the cheapest trek in the Himalayas of Nepal. For instance, you need to pay around $800 for the consultancy alone. These $800 include the cost of food, accommodation porter, guide, permit, and every expense that you have during that trip. However, there are some additional expenses that you will need for facilities such as hot showers, Wi-Fi, private rooms, and private transportation. The luxury version of the Langtang Valley trek costs around $1000. Independent travellers who are looking for a cheaper destination can go without travel packages and that will cost around dollar 500. The cost of accommodation in the Langtang Valley ranges from dollar $5 to $15, depending upon the size of the room and luxury provided and the food would cost around dollar 30 per day. While the cost of the guide and Porter is about $25 and $15 respectively, I can share. If you are traveling in a larger group, then it is easier to share the cost of Porter and guide. Also, most of the rooms are on a sharing basis so traveling in a larger group will definitely reduce your cost.


How long is the Langtang Valley Trek?

Langtang Valley Trek is around 80 days. These include two driving days, one rest day, and around five trekking days. You can also complete the trek in a shorter time with a minimum of five days and the route. Or you can exchange the trip to spend around one week in the mountains Valley, enjoying the comfort of the beautiful hotel. Trekking days also depend upon whether and your physical strength.