With the increasing population of the country and restricted space to house this population, the cities in India are growing vertically. To solve the issue of providing housing to the ever-growing population, the real estate developers are developing several high-rise projects that offer numerous affordable as well as luxury apartments within a single building. However, these high-rise buildings make it confusing for the buyers about which floor is the most suitable for them. If you are looking to buy flat in Kolkata or in any other city in India and are confused about the best floor, this guide is all you need to simplify your decision making process. 


The skylines of the developing cities in India are being dominated by High-rise residential buildings. These buildings attract numerous buyers due to the amenities offered. However, the more floors make it hard to choose one for the potential apartment buyers. Every floor in a building offers some advantages and disadvantages. One floor might be suitable for an individual while not for others. Therefore, it is essential to make your choice wisely. You must consider several factors based on your lifestyle and choose the floor that will best complement it. 

Factors to be considered to choose suitable floor

The preferential location charges or PLC of every floor are different. Usually, builders open the stock of higher floors before the lower ones. One more crucial point to remember is that the floors closer to the ground floor have higher PLC. But, do not just consider the cost of the flat and choose a floor. It is also essential to consider various other factors as listed below before finalising a floor. 


One of the most appreciated features of apartments in high-rise buildings is that they remain free from outside noise. If you wish to keep your home free from outdoor or neighbouring noises, choose apartments on top floors. By choosing flats on the higher floors you can avoid noise coming from the common area and minimise outside noise. In some situations, even ground floor flats are free from outside noise. For example, if a ground floor apartment is located away from elevators, staircase or clubhouse, noise will not bother you. A flat located on any floor that is not situated in the common hallway is also free from noise. 


Privacy is another concern that must be addressed to choose the ideal floor in a high-rise building. If you require utmost privacy, consider higher floors as the lower ones have crowded common areas. To avoid unnecessary interruption, go with apartments on higher floors.  

Rental returns

Next on the list of points to consider is the rental returns. Real estate experts suggest that the apartments on ground floors offer much better rental returns as most people in India prefer living on ground floors. If the sole purpose of your apartment purchase is to invest in real estate, look for an apartment on the ground floor as you will get better rental returns than other floors. However, you must research to know about the returns for a specific place. For example, in Hyderabad, rental returns are better for upper floors while in Chandigarh they are better for ground floors. 


If you wish to enjoy a beautiful view from the balconies of your apartment, go for a flat on higher floors. These apartments offer a stunning view. 


Due to ease of break ins, the crime risk is moderately higher for ground floors. Anti-social elements find it easier to enter apartments on lower floors. However, if you choose flats on higher floors, you get high security as the risk for break ins is highly reduced. Security also depends on the security measures taken in the particular society. 

Light and ventilation

Another factor to consider while choosing the most suitable floor in a high-rise building is the light and ventilation you wish to receive. Flats on the ground floor get limited light and are moderately ventilated. On the other hand, the ones located on higher floors are well-ventilated and get ample natural light. The risk of mosquito intrusion is also less on higher floors. 

Family consideration

If you are living with your family and have kids and elderly people at your home, it is always better to look for an apartment on the ground or lower floors. These apartments are safer and more comfortable for your little ones and elderly people. 

Summing up

Apartments in high-rise buildings attract numerous buyers due to the unique amenities offered. However, you can build your dream life in these apartments only when you choose a floor best suitable for your lifestyle. You must consider all the above factors to choose the best floor for your apartment. If you wish to buy flat in Hyderabad  then explore this link https://home4us.in/city/hyderabador in any other city, carefully evaluate all the above listed factors. Also, to find the best residential projects, explore real estate websites like Home4us.