08 Feb 2023

Category: Education


Learn Arabic Language 

Is it difficult to learn Arabic? Yes, it is a challenging but rewarding endeavor. Arabic is not just a spoken language among people, like other languages, rather it is the language through which Almighty Allah spoke with to our prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him). It…


Beautifully Illustrated Children’s Books 

Illustrated children’s books are an essential part of a child’s development, providing them with an imaginative escape into a world filled with vibrant colors, vivid characters, and meaningful stories. Children’s books with beautiful illustrations can capture a child’s attention and inspire them to learn, grow,…


How can I become an Embryologist? 

Introduction: Do you know why a child’s first babysitter is an embryologist? A scientific field called embryology studies the conception, growth, and development of an embryo. It is the cornerstone for comprehending the close relationship between structures in various organ systems, such as the neurological…


Google Cloud Platform Training 

Google Cloud Platform is an excellent platform for public cloud infrastructure and platform services. This includes everything a company needs to run its platforms, applications, and infrastructure. Join Google Cloud Training at FITA Academy is the best academy for certification training. Web:  Google Cloud Training…