When it comes to Passover preparation, many people start feeling overwhelmed. If you are one of those then don’t worry. We are here to help you! If you do not want to prepare a seder at home, you can contact the Passover programs 2021 operator. But, if you want to celebrate seder at home, then consider the following tips. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss various tips and tricks for easy Passover preparation:

1.House Cleaning

Before celebrating Passover, you should start cleaning your house. You should thoroughly clean your house so that positive vibes can be spread all around. You should properly clean every nook and corner to prepare your home for the Passover celebration. You should vacuum clean your rugs, sofas, and hard to reach areas.  


Once the dusting task is completed, you should start looking up for Shabbat HaGadol, Shabbat before the arrival of Passover. It marks the starting of redemption.

Jews in Egypt has prepared the Passover lamb to mark their doorways with lamb’s blood. This event was held on the tenth day of the Hebrew month of Nissan. The neighbors of Jews asked that what they are doing. They replied that they are sacrificing lab in the fourteenth of Nissan. It would lead to the slaying of the firstborn in Egypt.

3. Shopping

Now, it is time for shopping for important things for the Passover celebration. You should make a list of things that are required for Passover. You will need raw items for the preparation of Passover cakes, cereals, and cookies. You should purchase extra fruits and vegetables that you can eat during the Passover celebration.  

4. Start Preparing Meals

Once you have purchased all the important items, then you should start preparing for Seder. You should at least put days aside for Seder preparation. While preparing meals, you should make sure that you store the remaining chametz in a separate area of your house.

5. Selling the Chametz

It is commanded to have no chametz during the Passover. If you have a bag full of chametz in your fridge, you should consider selling it to non-jews before starting the Passover. You can sell it to a rabbi who can further sell it to non-Jews.  

6. Searching for Chametz

Now the time has arrived when you can call your family members in your house for Bidikat Chametz. Once the chametz in the house is found and burned, you can start having Passover Seder with your family members.

7. Plan Seder

You should plan Seder in such a way that everyone enjoys it.

What Haggadah will you be using? There is a variety of Haggadot, including several online which can be printed, and each one has a different influence on the Seder service. During Seder time, you should give opportunities to your kids to participate in it. You should make sure that your little ones learn something about Passover. You should do something special to make this Passover memorable.

8. Preparing Passover Plate

You should prepare six items for the Seder plate. These six items are zero, karpas, maror, chazeret, charoset, and maror. All these things should be served on the Seder plate.

9. Preparing Passover Table

You should arrange the special festive tablecloth and napkins for the Passover table. Also, you have to arrange Passover water glasses, wine glasses, flatware, and dishes. Arrange small size dishes of saltwater. The next thing that you have to arrange is bottles of wines and grape juice for every person in the Passover. You have to arrange the seder plate on the Passover table, Haggadot, etc.

In every plate setting, you should include flatware, water glass, a glass of wine, and Haggadah. You can keep the soup bowls in the kitchen and use them later on for serving soup. You should also spread out saltwater dishes and wine or grape juice bottles. Make sure everyone who is participating in Seder is capable to access the saltwater dishes and wine/grape juice bottles. Make sure that you place empty wine glass in the center of the table for Elijah.

10. Pesach Kasher!

You should ensure that your Seder is enjoyable and memorable for the entire family. It is recommended that you should take a nap before the seder. It will ensure that everyone will arrive for the seder full of energy. You should also make sure that everyone is listening to the story and feeling part of it.