Cheers to you, finally you have shifted to your new house, and that too smoothly without any workload by hiring the best packers and movers in alwar.

Shifting to a new house means that now your whole life will change and it is the beginning of the new life. After completing your shifting work with the help of packers and movers jaipur, for starting your new life you will like to perform New Year parties and grih pravesh puja. Normally a New Year party costs a lot, and since you have bought a new house a great New Year party can add extra expenses to you. If you think that you can not throw a great party on less budget then you are wrong, we are here to guide you for hosting a great New Year party on a budget.

So here are some ways in which you can throw a great party with a low budget:

Make a clear budget:

Sit and discuss with your family about the budget for the New Year party. Do not plan anything that is not falling in your budget because throwing an expensive party will not do anything good for you, you will face financial issues afterward. Let me tell you that you can plan your party under 10k rs also.

So have a clear idea about the budget before thinking anything else.

Choose the perfect date for your party:

Party organizers ask for more money for arranging New Year parties when they have a lot of offers. Fix a date on which you do not have to face the rise in prices, the prices usually rise in the shifting season, so, try to pick a date wisely that will not affect your budget.

You can also wait for some days, it is not necessary to throw the party on the exact date you are shifting to the new house. This will give you more time to manage everything and get the right vendors.

Make your guest list short:

We all know that quality matters more than quantity. If you do not have a big budget then it is not necessary to invite many people. You can cut down your list and invite only your close ones. This does not alter the quality of your party because of your budget.

Invite people digitally:

Printing cards for your party can cost you more, so you can cut down this expense by inviting people digitally by sending digital invitation cards through emails, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.

Buy cheap decorating items:

Party means decoration, so you can not end up doing no decoration. For decorating your house you can get cheap decorating supplies online from websites like Amazon or Flipkart. Buy items that are reusable so that you do not have to buy them next time you throw a party. Also, there are many tutorials on youtube that will help you in decorating your house with the help of the things you already have in your house.

Serve homemade dishes:

A good part of your budget is spent on hiring good caterers for the food. You can serve homemade dishes to your guests to avoid this expense. Also, you can order inexpensive eats like burgers, noodles, and pizzas, etc.

Do not use plastic utensils:

Many of the people use plastic plates or paper utensils to serve food, but this also adds an extra expense to you. So you can use your washable utensils for serving, this will help you in making your party affordable.

Arrange games at your party:

Playing games at a party is a fun activity, everybody loves doing this. You can plan some games at your party, it will not cost you anything.

Set up music for the party:

A party is incomplete without dance and music, so do not forget to play music at your party. Music also makes a perfect mood of your guests for the party and make your party more memorable.

Click a lot of pictures:

Last but not least, click a lot of good pictures with your friends and family to have memories of your party. Set up a beautiful spot for clicking pictures, your guests would definitely love it.