Most women choose accessories according to signs. But is it worth it to do – a purely individual decision. In 2019, bizarre and bold forms of bracelets became popular, and many managed to get used to it. Only with the onset of the winter season, fashion trends for bulky jewelry faded a little because of the inconvenience of wearing massive jewelry under several layers of warm clothing.

In the West, owners of popular and well-known jewelry brands claim that already in the fall, there was a tendency to simplify accessories. And one of the leading moving forces was a change in the interests of people.

The new generation, which is nicknamed the “Millennials,” are considered the most active consumers at present. These are people who were born from approximately 1983 to 2003. Modern men and women, young girls and boys are used to setting trends for the world. They love new impressions and wish that new-fangled trends quickly succeed each other.

Many are already fed up with large-sized jewelry, and without thinking about the consequences of changing global trends, they change them to something simple, thin, elegant and elegant. So which bracelets did come into fashion in 2019?

Fashionable bracelets from Paris, presented in the fall at Fashion Week

One of the most important conclusions in the fashion industry is considered Fashion Week. It was at this event that people’s attention was riveted to small elements. A large number of designers in their collections drew attention to the bracelets, so this accessory has become the main focus of the images.

The pearls and their various modifications became favourites this year. For example, the famous and world-famous brand “Chanel” followed the trend of millennials and offered everyone two types of bracelets made of natural pearls that were taken from the seabed:

  • single;
  • multilayer.

The famous trademark applied an unusual style solution – they combined minimalism with classics while emphasizing the restraint of each outfit.

As for the imagination of the designers of the Gucci brand, people saw how they approached the artistic sense and created bracelets that emphasize chic and presentability. They made accessories of yellow gold, connected the chains with three rings on the hand, supplemented them with pendants with pearls. And for those who hate gold, they created a version of a black leather bracelet with integrated shoulders in gold colour.

This accessory is not only beautiful and extraordinary. It has an unusual acute-angled shape of rivets made of white metal. This jewelry was demonstrated in her collection by Junya Watanabe.

Other designers approached bracelets in a slightly different way, for example, Ralph Lauren added ethnic motifs with coarse machined discs on a chain of gold, as well as hooking the links concave into the hand.

But Giambattista Valli from all sorts of styles preferred naturalness and naturalness, which is close to ancient trends. In addition to pearls, he adorned jewelry with unprocessed greyish and brownish shades of ornamental stones.
Michael Kors used the different design and presented to the look of the surrounding accessories with a futuristic look. They are distinguished by the originality of forms that make the eyes follow the bends of the lines, enchanting the golden glossy look.

Common Bracelet Trends in 2020

This year, wrist accessories will become virtually integral elements in the women’s wardrobe. Not a single woman of fashion will leave him in the house because this is equivalent to forgetting a wallet, phone or keys. Soon, lovers of beauty will develop a new habit, and there is little left – everything is already blooming on the street. Trends are so different from each other that, perhaps, any girl will find her ideal solution.

What you should know about pearls

There are different types of pearls. One of the most popular is baroque. Its difference from the rest is that by its nature it is formed in an irregular, unusual and extraordinary form. Historical facts indicate that a couple of decades ago he was considered utterly unsuitable for producing jewelry or other products from it. But in modern trends, different rules dictate – of these pearls, accessories cost as much in the price segment as people pay for spherical beads.

Which bracelet option to choose

Thanks to a wide range and choice, each representative of the beautiful half of humanity can choose for herself the one she likes best. In general, some accessories entirely consist of beads – pearls, as well as jewelry with pearl inserts, or pendants with the so-called “charm” of this solid substance formed in shells, delivered from the deep sea, are popular.

Also, today, manufacturers choose to buy ordinary traditional round pearls or elaborate.

Experts claim that people do not need to be afraid that such jewelry will somehow go out of fashion. The first, at present, is a trendy item, and the second – bracelets made of gold metal and with similar inserts are considered a real jewellery classic, standing in the front ranks with a vintage one, which is never outdated.

We select the product according to the purity of forms.

Jewelers offer attention to the simplest models. One of the most common is a bracelet – a ring, where the gold metal has a smooth surface, without unnecessary prints and decoration. In the case when a person wears a flexible look of accessories, then you should choose something where simple links, as well as the most accurate geometry (gliders).

The main figures this year are squares, triangles and circles. Quite trendy are those products that are assembled from elongated links. Moreover, they may have an original sculptural form.

Again, everything is entirely individual, for ladies who love strict style solutions, bracelets with transparent or so-called colourless stones are suitable. Among them are cubic zirconia, a diamond. Well, or it can be a coloured pebble – only in a plain version – without paints. Various colours of natural minerals will reduce the effect of rigour and minimalism; they are more likely to add democracy and playful frivolity to your style.

Oriental Design Bracelets

If you recall, the once-popular series “Clone” showed everyone the culture of the Eastern countries. From there appeared accessories called “Zhadi” because the main character is a beauty, a fashionista wore a lot of bracelets on her hands, and all of them were either combined with a chain and rings or somehow connected on her hands. Such products are considered not merely feminine but also romantic. They can visually narrow the wrist, making it thin and brittle.

Oriental jewellery is characterized by the fact that they are colorful. That is, there can be any combination with gold – amethysts, tourmalines, topazes, garnets. Color inserts will look very harmonious for evening dresses, as well as perfectly paint gray everyday life in the winter, and in the summer they will add heat and complement a catchy light sarafan, tunic or dress.

Why not be afraid of a combination of leather and metal

In 2020, this combination is considered trendy. It can be seen in many collections of famous couturiers and fashion designers. Leather and gold accents are what excited the public and stylish women. A low price segment distinguishes such jewelry. If a person has a limited budget, then such purchase will come in handy, because the models look impressive and attractive.

Designers came to one little trick – they combined gold metal with leather, and created both multilayer bracelets and those with more than ten braids made of leather. Accessories are brief because leather strips are complemented by decorative prints and details located in the central part on the front side.

The most important thing is to agree that the new-fangled trends of 2020 opened the curtain for every fashionista to express herself.