Are you heading to the beach? Spending a hot summer day walking? So get ready to get rid of the old flip flops and go out in style! Here are three great options that are not only fashionable but also incredibly comfortable. You will never want to take off these shoes!

The first option you have is the Jack Rogers sandals. These sandals became popular when Jacqueline Kennedy first wore them in the early 1960s. Since then, they have been a staple at high-class resorts and beaches. These designer shoes have an unmistakable Navajo-inspired design. They come in all colors and styles, from leather to “jelly” material. Jack Rogers sandals are a timeless and elegant style, perfect for any occasion.

Another very popular designer sandal is the Naot sandals. These sandals are comfortably designed first, and have an incredibly well-designed and unique insole. This foot base offers support and comfort that adapts to the shape of your feet. With high-quality leather and elegant open-toe and closed-toe designs, as well as High-quality Heels and plenty of chic, feminine details, the sandals are the ultimate combination of fashion and comfort. Discounted Naot shoes are also not hard to find among the top shoe retailers on the Internet.

Another great option is Dansko. They are widely known for making comfortable, high-quality shoes, and they also offer a number of options in women’s sandals. For something elegant, you can choose a Dansko sandal in black with a light heel. For something more suitable for beach wear, choose a lighter color and a lower heel. Either way, Dansko shoes are something you’ll love walking every day.

Don’t get caught hanging out with old, boring sandals again. There are so many great styles of sandals that are not only pretty and elegant, but also comfortable and good for your feet.

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