Hearing is vital for everyday communication – whether you are at the office, home, or on the go. It connects you with people, allows you to experience the sounds that surround you, and keeps you safe by warning you of potential danger. Hearing matters and it should not be taken for granted because when hearing loss occurs, things can be difficult.

It is important that you contact a hearing specialist once you experience any signs of hearing loss. Moreover, thanks to the latest technology, there are many hearing aids out there that can help you overcome the difficulties of hearing loss. And among these are the Phonak hearing aids.

So, to help you better understand how Phonak hearing aids work, below is a list of its top features.


Phonak hearing aids are easy to use. You can easily connect it to TVs, smartphones, and other audio sources.  Using built-in Bluetooth technology, you can comfortably hear high-quality audio from TV shows, movies, online videos, e-books, podcasts, phone calls, and more.

You can make hands-free phone calls by simply pressing a button on your Phonak hearing aids or listen to your favorite music and videos by pairing your hearing aids to your smartphone.

Phonak Marvel models that have this feature are Audeo Marvel and Bolero Marvel.


With Phonak rechargeable hearing aids, you can now say goodbye to the hassle of using disposable hearing aid batteries. Phonak hearing aids have this built-in lithium-ion battery technology that has been tested to last for six years.

With this feature, you can be confident that your hearing aids are conveniently charged – allowing you to hear and enjoy unlimited streaming throughout the day or night.

Aside from its outstanding battery life, your hearing aids’ true value is also felt with its super quick charging feature. Charge them only for two hours and you’ll enjoy one day of hearing. Or if you’re in a rush, you can charge them for 15 minutes and this can already give you three hours of hearing.

Phonak hearing aid models that have this rechargeable technology are Phonak Audéo™ M-R, Phonak Bolero™ M-PR, Phonak Naida™ B-RIC, and Phonak Sky™ M-PR.


When it comes to quality, Phonak hearing aids never fail. It delivers excellent sound quality and benefits people with severe to profound hearing loss. It reduces noise and uncomfortable loud sounds; thus, increasing your listening comfort. This likewise allows you to focus on relevant details and concentrate on the conversation you are having.

There are also Phonak m models that reduce the sound of blowing wind and enhance your listening comfort even when you are spending time outdoors.

Your listening experience will also improve with its EchoBlock feature. It removes the echoey sounds in worship places, museums, and assembly halls.

The Bottom Line

Phonak hearing aid models offer a broad product portfolio, and what’s more interesting about it is that there’s always a hearing solution for every age, preference, and degree of hearing loss. And to learn more about its features, it’s best to contact Phonak hearing aid dealers as soon as possible.