Looking for a nursery school for your child is not an easy thing to do. And even when you think you have found the best nursery in Singapore, you may still have doubts. Having these doubts, however, is only normal. After all, you’ll be entrusting your child to other people, and you’ll want to be sure that you are making the right decision.

Fortunately, there are things and factors that indicate that your kid is indeed in the best nursery. Here are four signs that your child is in good hands.

1. It has established a good reputation.

Generally speaking, the reputation of a nursery school can be determined by the testimonials or reviews from its past and present students. You can read such things on their website, blog articles, and other social media platforms.

It is recommended to ask the school for a few names of parents you could call for a reference. Or if you visit the school, speak with one or two parents and get a vibe. If you hear many good things about the school, then it is convincing enough that you made the right choice for your child.

2. It consists of qualified and caring teachers.

When you are at the nursery school, observe how the teachers interact with their students. Teachers should be enthusiastic and friendly. They should also be responsible and well-prepared for the lessons and activities.

Good nursery teachers care for and educate their students by using engaging methods such as games and storytelling. They make sure that these learning techniques can enhance the language, social skills, and development of the children while having fun.

Other teachers also show their care for their students by asking the parents about the child’s health, routine, and current interests. If you’ve been approached by a staff member, and he or she talked with you regarding these things, you have the assurance that the nursery school where your child is in has a qualified and caring teaching staff.

3. It provides clean and safe facilities.

The best nursery in Singapore has to provide a safe environment for children. You should not see any broken walls, sharp toys, or dirty areas in the school. Stuffed toys should not have broken seams and hazardous substances should be out of reach. There should also be clear and well-marked fire exits and extinguishers.

Security must likewise be the top priority of the school. Strangers should not be able to enter freely or that children cannot leave the facility without their parents or guardians. Don’t hesitate to ask the school about the security measures they take when they visit a play house in Singapore and spend outdoor playtime. If the school follows the basic rules of safety, you can have peace of mind that your child is safe and protected.

4. It promotes fun learning.

The nursery school or play house in Singapore should provide activities that promote fun learning. Through these, children can learn while playing and having fun. They can also stimulate the children’s imaginative play and boost their confidence. Some of these activities may include singing nursery rhymes, listening to stories, cooking simple dishes, painting, drawing, dancing to music, solving puzzles, and more.

If your child enjoys these activities, then you can feel secure about sending him or her to school.