Tree care service is a popular form of business where professionals offer services for tree maintenance, removal and more. Whether it is trees creating obstruction due to storm or pruning and maintenance of trees, a lot of attention is required.

Hiring an expert tree removal service in Philadelphia or a tree care service provider can solve all the problems. And why not? After all, they have the skilled and qualified manpower along with right tools to do the job.

The right set of tools and equipment play an important role in the tree care industry. Here we have listed some of the absolute essential tools that almost every tree care service provider uses.

1. Stump Grinders

The task of tree removal isn’t easy as it may sound. The entire process requires right technique and tools. Even after the removal of the tree, the major part of the tree, i.e. the tree stump remains fixed on the ground.

Tree stump removal is a heavy-duty task and the use of a regular chainsaw does not work for it. You need special tools to accomplish this task. Stump Grinders are usually used by the tree care service provider for the removal of tree stumps.

The size of stump grinders varies drastically. It can be similar to the size of a lawn mower to a humongous size of a truck. The grinder typically has a spikey high-speed revolving disc that grinds the stump of the tree conveniently.

2. Electric Chain Saw

This one is a classic equipment that every tree care service provider has to complete the task of tree removal, trimming and more other tasks. From cutting huge tree branches to trimming out the excess tree trunk, electric chain saw comes in real handy.

Using a regular chain saw cannot work effectively for the purpose of tree cutting or trimming. You need a high-powered electric chain saw for the job to get done. The sharp high-speed edges of the saw cuts through even the big branches easily.

3. Loppers

Tree pruning is yet another popular service offered by tree care service providers. Pruning the trees helps trees and plants to thrive and grow in a healthy way. Loppers are another specific tool that is used by tree care service providers to get this job done effectively.

This looks quite similar to a scissor; loppers are manually functioned to prune specific parts of a plant or tree. Even the thickest branch can be cut through easily with the use of loppers.

4. Heavy-duty Earthmoving Equipment

Cutting out the branches of the tree is not enough. The moving of these heavy tree branches from the property is a part of the tree care service. But moving, carrying and placing them in appropriate location cannot be done manually.

Tree care service providers use special equipment for this job. The heavy-duty Earthmoving equipment is used to do this task successfully. These vehicles are used popularly to give final touches of a tree care service. Clearing out the property is an important task and this heavy-duty equipment comes in handy for it.


These are some of the essential tools and equipment used by a majority number of tree care service providers. Whether it is a tree removal service in Philadelphia or tree care company anywhere else, the use of these equipment can be seen popularly.