Probably the most wonderful time of the year, Christmas is marked by good food, gifts, and laughter. During Christmas, the world is illuminated. People belonging to different age groups wait for this special time of the year. It is the perfect time to meet your family, friends, or dear ones.

Do you want to make this Christmas more special? How about getting a Christmas tattoo and giving a treat to yourself this year? Isn’t it a fantastic idea? If you find this idea pretty much impressive, have a quick look at the below section. Here, you will find some awesome Christmas tattoo designs for both men and women.

  1. Santa Portrait

The Santa tattoo will surely remind you of your happy childhood days. This tattoo looks quite realistic. When you look at this design, it seems to you that the Santa with beard and hair is looking at the happy children after delivering them presents.

Isn’t it a perfect design for Christmas? If you answer positively, then visit a reliable tattoo studio in Phuket or anywhere else near you and get inked safely. Tattoo studios with highly-skilled artists offer a wide range of designs, including realism, portrait, watercolour, traditional, mandala, and geometric tattoos.

  1. Snowflake

Snowflakes and Christmas are closely related. This is why; this design is perfect for this post. Blue coloured snowflakes will remind you of the Disney movies like “Frozen.” This snowflake tattoo is one of the best pickups for them, who have been looking for a Christmas tattoo. People who love to watch Disney movies like “Frozen” are also the best candidates for this small tattoo design.

  1. Christmas Tree

Visit any tattoo studio in Phuket or your desired location; trust us; you will find this design. Yes, Christmas trees are that popular. This beautiful, vibrant tattoo is one of the best pickups for them who love detailed work. With this tattoo, you can easily captivate the beholders’ attention.

  1. Home Alone Boy

Christmas often remains incomplete without watching holiday movies like “Home Alone.” Can you relate to this line? If yes, then you are possibly one of the best candidates for this Home Alone Boy tattoo.

You might have remembered the naughty little boy, Kevin, from this movie. How about getting a cute and smiling portrait of Kevin? The colourful lights around him give the festive vibes. So, this design is about this film and Christmas, the biggest festival of the year.

  1. Christmas Cookie

Christmas is marked by good food and laughter, as it is already said. This cute and colourful tattoo is for them who love to eat Christmas cookies. When you look at this design, it will remind you of your happy moments with your friends and family on Christmas day.

This small Christmas tattoo can be placed almost anywhere on your body. Locations like your arms and backs are suitable for this design.

Hopefully, you have found your perfect Christmas tattoo design. Now that you have made your choice pay a visit to a trusted tattoo shop and get inked. Make sure you check their hygiene standards before getting inked. A clean tattoo studio that maintains good hygiene standards is the safest place to get tattoos.