A number of problems still bother users even after the iOS 9.2 and iOS 9.2.1 updates. However, iPhone users want to enjoy error-free phones that won’t require any repair service. So, if you are an iPhone user, then you must be interested to know the most common problems that bother iPhone users. Moreover, if you are stuck with a problem, then you will look for a possible workaround. Thus, we have picked up the frequently faced problems along with the possible fixes. 

Let’s Put Our Focus on the Common iPhone 6S Problems:

Are you struggling with any of these following problems? Then, here are the ways to fix them. 

Problem 1: Battery Drains Quickly

According to many users, the battery life of the iPhone 6S is disappointing. This is not an unusual problem for smartphone users but it frequently occurs on iPhone 6S. 


  1. Go to Settings and tap on the ‘General’ tab. 
  2. Then, navigate to the ‘Usage’ menu and select the ‘Battery Usage’ option.
  3. Check the battery usage rate for the apps that are installed on your iPhone. 
  4. Then, uninstall those apps which consume the highest amount of battery. 
  5. In addition, you can turn on the Low Power Mode and change visual effects on your phone. 

Problem 2: Touch ID Home Button Not Working

Users are reporting that the Touch ID sensor becomes unresponsive or extremely hot for users to touch. So, if you encounter the same problem, then check the solution given below. 


  • Hold down the Home and ‘Sleep/Wake button for about 10 seconds. As the Apple logo appears, test the Home button. 
  • If the Home button remains unresponsive or hot, then keep aside the phone. After cooling down the device, press and hold both the Home and Sleep/Wake button. It will then hard reset the phone to its default settings. 

Note: Make sure to backup your device before performing the above steps. Otherwise, your files and folders might be at risk. 

Problem 3: Overheating

Overheating issues are natural when you use smartphones for long hours. But, it is strange when your iPhone 6S gets overheated easily.  Moreover, your iPhone might randomly turn off or apps might freeze due to overheating issues. 


This problem can have two possible solutions:

  1. First, check the battery usage for all apps and install those who tend to drain the battery soon. Then, uninstall these apps if they are not so important to you. 
  2. Open the Settings app and navigate to the ‘General’ tab. Choose the ‘Reset’ option and tap on the ‘Reset All Settings’ button. This action will then restore your phone to its original settings and fix the overheating issue. 

Problem 4: Faulty or Distorted Speakers

Are you experiencing distorted volume or audio levels while receiving a call, using an app, playing movies, or listening to music? Then, your iPhone is most likely to have faulty speakers. Therefore, resolve this issue by implementing any of these three ways:


  • Go to Settings, tap ‘Music’ and select ‘EQ’. Change the current settings and see whether it make any differences or not. 
  • If the audio problem occurs at the time of using an app, then update it to its latest version. Most iPhone users have fixed this problem even after updating Skype on their phones. So, if you have Skype on your iPhone, then get its latest version soon. 
  • A factory reset is the last step you can perform to get rid of this problem. 

If the sound remains distorted, then repair the faulty hardware of your iPhone. 


Problem 5: WiFi Won’t Connect

The trouble with a wireless connection like unable to access a network or frequent drops in a WiFi network is a concerning issue. Since it is difficult to identify this error, you must try out the following solutions:


  1. Launch the Settings app and move to the ‘General’ tab. Choose WiFi, select the problem network and hit the ‘Forget’ button. Return to the WiFi page and set up a fresh connection. 
  2. Remain on the Settings app and tap the ‘Privacy’ menu. Choose ‘Location Services’ and turn off the toggle for ‘WiFi Networking’. 
  3. Tap the ‘Cellular’ option in the Settings app and select WiFi Assist. Then, disable this feature and try to connect back with the problematic network. 
  4. In case you are trying to access a network through a 5GHzrouter, then convert it to 2.4GHz. 
  5. Open a web browser and enter the IP address of your router. Log into your router settings and change them as per your ISP instructions. 
  6. At the final stage, update your router firmware and perform a factory reset to solve the issue. 

Concluding Lines…

We have discussed the frequently reported users for iPhone 6S. However, you might come across some other problems like keyboard lag, iTunes error, automatically deleted messages, unresponsive touchscreen, and so on. Charging issues, update issues, and syncing issues are other problems for some iPhone 6S users. Hence, keep following our posts to make iPhone 6S price in UAE worthwhile.