If you are a marketer or own a business, either way, you need to have a solid online presence for your business. There are several factors that you need to consider in this regard, but social media is one of the most important ones. We all know that small business or startups don’t have much amount to shell out but for marketing your product on social media, not a fortune is required. Setting up many accounts are free for businesses. 

If you are based in Dubai or want to start a venture in this mega city, you need to be on your toes really for making things happen for you. The competition is tough, to say the least. Following are the top five design trends that companies need to follow for best results. 

  1. Animation that is not Generic

We all have seen GIFs and what role they can play in making things work for you. GIFs were the in-thing for many years when it comes to web design and similarly were hot for social media design too. Use the trick I am about to reveal to use GIFs for making things work for you. 

If you use branded GIFs on your social media channels, it will have a great effect on your target market and potential customers who will visit your social media pages. This can be the trump card for you as not many businesses use a branded GIF. You can have a huge first mover’s advantage so that your product will be liked by virtually everyone looking at the GIF. But here comes the tricky part. 

You need to select a web design company in Qatar which is capable of pulling off this feat with aplomb. Check their portfolio and track record in making GIFs and another animation related to web and social media design. 

  1. Abstract Illustrations

If you are still not using illustrations in your web design and especially social media platforms, it’s high time. If you are paying attention to, you can see illustrations that get the eyeballs and also the results. Abstract illustrations are not your typical illustrations but exactly opposite to them. Use of dreamy ones by using exaggeration proportion of figures coupled with uncommon color combinations is the recipe of instantly catchy illustrations. 

People going through FB posts or Insta pics will look at your illustration with great interest. They can be further drawn towards them and may check out your website or product in detail. 

  1. Use of Heavy Fonts

When you are using abstract illustration-heavy, yet simple fonts are the ideal combination for snazzy posts. Handwritten and brush scripts are out as heavy fonts are making their way. If you think that heavy fonts may take a lot of space, that’s not right. The extra bold font gets the attention of anyone looking at it right away. Even the use of a simple picture can be enhanced through the use of a heavy font. 

  1. Minimalism 

To start with, minimalism is not exactly a new thing that has just sprung up in 2019. It has been on a steady rise since the past few years, but I am sure that 2020 is the year for minimalism so that it will explode onto the design scene. But how to start? One simple way is to create clean graphics and fonts related to your social media posts and focus on white space for making a great impact. 

  1. Muted Color Palettes 

Mute the color palette so that it can be easily refreshed and update your graphics is one way to make cool graphics. A mute color that has black or white added to it, which is exactly opposite of what cool colors are. This is one of the great techniques as how to make a simple post look really unique. There are headers and images which can be enhanced and can be applied for amazing results. 

Final Word

If you think that you don’t think you can apply a number of design techniques on your social media pages, start with the above-mentioned five trends which will definitely make you pages a hit in 2020. If you think you can add something valuable to this blog or want to ask anything, please use the comments section below.