Can reptiles be your pets? Well, the connection between humans and other animals is always there. Due to modernization, we have lost our connection to nature. Once upon a time, we use to live on this earth like other animals live here. If you want to find unique pets, you can try reptiles. In ancient times, humans used to have reptile pets. There are many reptiles that can become amazing pets. For example, you can choose the bearded dragon. This reptile species is native to Australia. However, they are mostly kept as pets in the Europe and USA.

Bearded dragons can be fun to have as pets. These friendly and cute lizards cause no harm to the house. Moreover, they do not demand your attention like cats. So, if you are thinking about having bearded dragons as your pets, you need to know a few things. Some of the crucial facts about these reptiles are discussed in the following section.

Friendly and Suitable to Become Pets

There are many lizards that can turn aggressive. Some of them can cause harm to human beings. Some of them cannot cause any harm to human beings despite their become angry with humans. But, bearded dragons do not fall in this category. They are extremely friendly, and they never turn aggressive. As they are friendly, it is easy to make them pets. If you have little knowledge and experience in petting the lizards, you should start with bearded dragons. They can easily become your pets. They can recognize the voice of their owners. It is easy to communicate with them. They feel comfortable when you hold them with gentle hands. You must hold them from underneath their body.

Friendly for the Kids

Bearded dragons are friendly for kids. They do not cause any harm to kids. However, you should let your kids handle them when you are present. Kids may not handle or hold them properly. As a result, the lizard may get hurt. Moreover, every reptile carries salmonella bacteria on their bodies. Hence, it is important to wash hands after holding the bearded dragons. The hand should be washed with soap so that traces of bacteria do not remain on your hands. Kids may not follow these measures. Hence, you should be present when your kids are holding the bearded dragons.

Why Are They Called Bearded Dragons?

These lizards are called bearded dragons for a reason. Under their necks, you shall find pouch-like skin folds. Such skin fold is formally termed as a guttural pouch. It looks like a man’s beard. Hence, these reptiles have been named bearded dragons. When these little lizards feel threatened, they make their body flattened and open mouth. They think that it helps to look them bigger. As a result, their attackers would feel threatened by looking at them. When they open the mouth, the beard turns hidden. In both male and female bearded dragons, the beard can be found.

The lifespan of the Bearded Dragons

When you choose pets, it becomes important to know the lifespan of the pet. Bearded dragon lifespan ranges between 10 and 12 years. Throughout their lifespan, they remain healthy. They do not require any type of medical attention in most of the cases. Bearded dragons live 7-8 years in the wilds. This happens because they succumb to metabolic and respiratory diseases in the wilds. When taken care of at home as a pet, the bearded dragon lives longer because they find foods easily. Pets do not have a fight against predators too.

Foods or Diets for Bearded Dragons

Taking care of cats and dogs is easy. You can get pet care supplies in the supermarket. Readymade foods are available for them. But, taking care of bearded dragons is not easy. First of all, you need to know what they eat. These lizards are omnivores. Hence, you can feed them meat and vegetables. Young dragons feel happy to consume bugs. When they grow older, you need to feed them vegetables like carrots, kale, peas, green mustard, squash, etc. Along with the veggies, adult bearded dragons love to eat moths, beetles, cockroaches, crickets, earthworms, etc. Youngsters should be fed two to three times a day. Adults can be fed once in two days.