Since the moment the babies are born, they have this innate curiosity that drives them to explore, learn, and grow from their experiences. Nurturing this curiosity and their instinct to acquire knowledge is crucial in order to preserve their natural love of learning and raise wholesome children. If you are looking for ways to cultivate your children’s love of reading and learning, here are some genius tips to try out.

Create cozy rituals that involve reading

Bedtime isn’t the only time in a day when you two can read together – it can be after lunch, during a break, after school, or on weekends – just cozy up and enjoy some quality time together. Reading to them is also a great way to bond with your child and create a small ritual, a small chunk of your day that will be reserved for just the two of you. Dive into the world of imagination together with your child and see where it takes you. 

Design a cozy reading and learning environment

books for kids
What we surround ourselves with directly influences the way we feel, so why not take advantage of those empty nooks and crannies in your home and turn them into spaces reserved for learning and reading? Find a cozy space (it doesn’t have to be big) and work with what you have. Add some shelves, desks, and comfortable seating, and fill them with books, magazines, movies, and video games and arrange them at an eye level so your kids can easily reach them and play with them. Throw in some educational toys as well to encourage learning and help them build skills through play without them even realizing it.

Be supportive and encouraging of their learning

If your child’s struggling with certain subjects or simply needs to improve their skills, you should find a way to help them overcome those struggles. If your child is having trouble with math, hire a tutor to help them out. Similarly, if they need to brush up on their English skills or start learning the language from scratch, consider enrolling them in one of the programs offered by Monkey Tree English learning center for kids and with the help of a native English teacher, advance your child’s language skills in a fun and friendly learning environment. Working with inspiring teachers will awaken their love for learning and enable them to acquire new knowledge with ease.

Encourage your child’s interests and passions

A great way to instill a love of learning in kids from a young age is to find out what they’re passionate about and then do everything you can to support their learning. If they like making things, give them some modeling clay. If they love building things, build them a sandpit and tools they can use to create anything that comes to mind. Try to provide as many hands-on experiences for them as you can. Reading about fish and aquatic animals is made much more interesting after a trip to the aquarium, just like visiting a museum can help them get a grasp of the artist they’re studying in their art classes.

Show your love for reading and learning

women learning and reading
Children pick up a lot from their surroundings as well as the people they most of their day with. We all know how actions speak louder than words, so if you’re someone who models the love for books and learning in general, chances are this will rub off on your children as well. Find ways to demonstrate your own passions and talk to your children about all the different aspects of learning – certain challenges, how you came to love your hobbies, why you enjoy them, and various applications of knowledge in real-life situations. By doing so, you’ll portray yourself as someone your kids will aspire to be like when they grow up and inspire them to become lifelong learners, which will, in turn, make them self-sustainable as well as boost their competitiveness. Getting kids to learn and read can be a hassle, but there are some mom-approved hacks to make them love it. Try some of the tips above and the magic will follow.

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