Sometimes the step and repeat banners are referred to as the press wall or step and repeat the wall. It is a backdrop of publicity that is mainly used for photography of events. Typically it is printed with the repeated design so that the emblems and brand logos are visible in the images taken from individuals or groups standing or posing before them. As mentioned earlier, in most fashion and red carpet events, they are standard features and can be custom printed for galas or weddings and make the pictures look like famous and popular. Step and repeat banners are usually used at trade shows and other activities as a backdrop for pictures. They consist of one or more repeating logos, and hence the name step-and-repeat. They are a perfect way to promote sponsors at an event as well as offering a perfect place to take photos for those attending. They are providing a great non-intrusive source of publicity. Using step and repeat banners at the party would not only support their company but would also advertise the sponsors and carry their party up to the next stage. Different materials are used to make the banners move and repeat. Those include vinyl, canvas, poster board, and cloth. Usually, these materials adhered to foam core, plywood, or some other stiff substrate. Know that they each have their pros and cons. For starters, the fabric does not generate glare and therefore does not have hotspots in the photographs taken. That’s because fabric absorbs camera light, rather than reflecting it.

 Here are   5 Great Reasons to Use a  Step and Repeat Banner  :

  1. Sponsors for the Showcase program: Sponsors are the lifeline for any case. The company receives a lot of attention in return for money to fund the event as a whole or another part of it. People can use step and repeat banners to offer prime real estate where more exposure comes from their logo and brand.
  2. Create a Booth or Display for Professional Venue: If people are securing a booth like a home show in a crowded convention, trade show, or a popular event, they need to stand out. Among hundreds of other businesses and organizations, people must fight for publicity. In this instance even the law of making a great first impression applies. If the booth looks bare or cheap, people may think their business isn’t a good bet.
  3. Enhance the Reach of Social Media: Attendees will likely post pictures on social media in front of the backdrop. This is like free label ads. People may also render the backdrop for a photo booth to their banner, enabling visitors to pose with funny hats, masks, and costumes.
  4. Professionalism: When they see one, everybody acknowledges a move and repeats a banner. Since major brands display these at major trade shows as well as red carpet events, people tend to immediately associate the banners with prominent, existing corporations. By simply displaying one, people lend a sense of legitimacy to their companies.
  5. Material: In fact, the phase and repeat banner material that people use can play a role in how the participants receive their case. Customers want the material quality to be in line with the type of event they are putting on. Ask the printer to check the material’s consistency and durability which they suggest. Printing a step and repeating a banner is often a multi-week process. It’s critical, therefore, that people get out as far as possible. Using their creative and development departments to launch the project as soon as people realize they will need a step and repeat banner.

The above-mentioned information put a great emphasis on the utilization of step and repeat banners as well as it is also useful to understand the technique through which one can promote any sponsor and many more.

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