1. Green tea

Green tea is believed to be one of the healthiest beverages in the world. Along with your physical and mental well-being it is also believed to be an instant healthy mood changer. Studies suggest that people who drink three to five cups of green tea in a day have 20% lower stress levels as compared to those who do not drink green tea regularly. So if you have been ignorant about this power-packed beverage, the time is now to pick it up from any superstore.

2. Raw walnuts

Who doesn’t like the aroma of walnuts and the crunchy-crispy bites!

Raw walnuts are also a very rich source of magnesium- a mineral blessed with relaxation properties. It is highly recommended that eating foods rich in magnesium can be very helpful in managing symptoms of stress and anxiety. You, therefore, must have that happy-diet that includes walnuts. Munch it in-between snacks or add it to your favorite snacks and beverages- the benefits remain immense. When consumed raw, walnuts are also rich in phosphorus and antioxidant properties which help in fighting off free radicals. For keto lovers and diet conscious people, the low carb properties in walnuts keep sugar levels in check.

3. Coffee

For many of us, starting the day with a cup of coffee is a very important part of the day. It not only energizes instantly and gives you the must-required morning kick to kick start the day on a happy note. There is another benefit strongly associated with coffee-its ability to beat sad blues which may play the devil in spoiling your day. Make coffee an important part of your happiness diet. When consumed in moderation, coffee has a number of health benefits besides just keeping us happy. It is also associated with lowering depression to a higher extent in both men and women.

4. Oysters

It is traditionally believed that Oysters are just what you need to boost your sex life. But besides boosting your libido, it has another offering that makes you happy person-they can be beneficial for your emotional well-being as well. Oysters are a rich source of zinc and vitamin B12, which instantly boosts mood and memory.

5. Dark chocolate

Dark chocolates are always a happy food loaded with many health benefits- beating sad blues instantly. The antioxidants in dark chocolate can be very helpful in lowering the stress hormone levels in your body, thereby inducing a sense of happiness.