Countless articles have been written on this topic. But entrepreneurs continue to make the same “bloopers”, for which they then pay dearly. You need to know how to respond to a negative comment or review.

 Let’s suppose your post is related to your company’s assignment writing services. Suddenly after the post, some people do negative comments about your service. What should you do? First, figure out what type of review it is.

Types Of Negative Reviews

Before you develop a strategy for responding to negativity, you must first correctly recognize it. Below we will talk about the common types of negative reviews.

1- Justified Claim Against The Company

Usually, this is a review from a real client who was dissatisfied with the product or the quality of the service provided. It is quite simple to recognize it. A person describes the situation in detail, most often not forgetting to mention the smallest details – the date, time of the order, and sometimes the name of the person or manager who served him.

2- Customized Review

It is normally from a person who generally has no idea about how things are in your company. He just writes nasty things. It is just to harm the reputation. Such a review is the easiest to identify since in 90% of cases it contains not only negative information about you but also your competitor’s advertising.

3- Trolling

It is a special type of negativity that is the most difficult to deal with. This information also comes from people who hardly ever were your customers. But they are simply bored, lacking the opportunity to vent their anger or draw attention to themselves. That is why negative comments for Internet trolls are a source of positive emotions for them.

How To Deal With Fake Comments?

Step 1: Analyze The Comment

If in the question with the real reviews of unsatisfied customers everything is clear – you need to answer them as soon as possible and correctly. But a slightly different type of work will have to be done with fake comments.

Step 2: Cross Verify

If you think that the review is implausible, in the response comment you should politely ask clarifying questions. And draw the attention of the reviewer to the fact that the lack of answers to the questions posed is a reason to doubt the veracity of the review.

Step 3: Contact The Administration

Besides, if the author of the review did not want to answer your questions, based on this, you may well contact the administration of a particular site with a request to remove the defamatory comment that discredits professional honor and dignity.

Step 4: File Complaint

When filing a complaint, be sure you mention all the facts so that the administration immediately develops a clear understanding.

Rules For Dealing With Negative Comments

In order not to break the wood and not aggravate the situation, follow the simple rules that are listed below.

1- Never Respond When You Are Emotional

 Never respond to a review in a state of excitement. Being on emotions can make a huge number of mistakes. Try to calm down and decide on a sober head what to do with a negative comment.

2- Act Quickly

You need to resolve the misunderstanding with the client as soon as possible if any. It often happens that a disgruntled customer started posting negative reviews wherever possible just because his opinion was ignored in the company.

3- Speak-Up About The Problem

Don’t be silent about problems. If there is an indication from a client about certain problems, try not to remain silent so that other users looking at this do not lose confidence in your brand.

4- Use Official Account

Reply to clients only from the official company account. Never use fake pages to avoid damaging your reputation. For example, if your organization provides an essay help UK, you need to use an account that shows their name.

5- Do Not Use Generic Statements

Do not use generic phrases, such as “thanks, we will take your opinion into account.” Better not to answer at all than to answer like that. Try to approach the problem individually. Yes, it takes much more time than simply unsubscribing from a client in one click. But believe us your moral costs will pay off.

Summing Up

These guidelines will help you save your reputation and resolve conflict. And if there was a mistake, then admit it and apologize. There is absolutely nothing shameful in it. No one is perfect and sooner or later everyone makes mistakes. The main thing is to behave with dignity in a difficult situation.