Stickers are very important for identification and promotion of products and brands. Stickers are useful in enhancing the appearance of the product, to facilitate the product’s packaging work. Stickers are also considered as the cheapest form of tool, used for packaging.

Stickers are available in many different types. There are custom stickers available that help to obtain positive impression of the product, the brand and the company. And they do not cost much.

There are types of stickers available in many different sizes and shapes. They are used for effective marketing and branding of the products and the brand. Stickers are individualistic. It allows the consumer to recognize and distinguish one product from another.

Types of Stickers-
• Logo Stickers-

It is a custom sticker where the Logo of the brand is turned into a sticker. It helps to build a long lasting impression of the brand into the minds of the customers. These are very durable and long lasting stickers. These stickers can also be stuck on the promotional materials of the brand. These stickers can be made on cut patterns or as internal cuts on vinyl material, in any shape or size, which suits your business.

• Clear Stickers-

These stickers are resistant to water and oil. It is a widely used business promotion tool and is mainly used as window signage. These are also used in big events. These stickers are printed on premium weatherproof vinyl. These stickers can also be cut in any shape and can be UV coated. It makes it more resistant to abrasion. These are custom stickers that have clear backing and make a business stand out in a crowd.

• Die Cut Sticker-
These are custom stickers that are cut into any specific shape with the help of pre made dies. These are made to order stickers of any given design. These stickers can adhere to any smooth surface and can be used both indoors and outdoors. These die cut stickers are generally scratch resistant and cannot be damaged with water or in sunlight. These stickers are used to customize the product or the brand and are a very effective tool of brand promotion.

• Photo Stickers-
These are stickers made out of photographs. These photo stickers are also great tools for product or brand promotion or for effective marketing of the product. These stickers are mainly made of vinyl materials. These can be pasted on mugs , wine bottles, lockers, laptops, refrigerators, envelops to be used for giving greetings or invitations, etc. These stickers stick on the surfaces very strong but when removed, come out clean without leaving any residue. Customized photo stickers are a great tool to personalize a product or brand and can also be used for memoirs.

• Bumper Stickers-
Bumper Stickers are useful for conveying messages to people and to society. These stickers are made from waterproof vinyl. They are printed in full color. It conveys any message may be social, commercial or personal. These customized stickers can be stuck on the bumpers of cars, trucks or of any other vehicles for the crowd to read the message.
Stickers therefore have proved to be an indispensable tool for product and brand promotion and marketing and for conveying message to a large section of people. People are becoming more conscious and selective in choosing the right type of sticker to suit their purpose.