We put so much thought into buying electronics; spend hours researching the perfect make and model, features and pros and cons. But not many of us willingly spend that much reading up about earbuds online in India before making a purchase. Most of us get earphones/headphones free with our phones and more often than not, we just end up using them.

But as technology advances, newer models of headphones make it into the market, and you should consider them if you want to elevate your audio experience. Bluetooth headphones are the latest rage; right from Apple EarPods to Sennheiser, Beats, and so many more.

And there are so many options to choose from. From in-ear buds to giant studio cans, noise-cancellation earbuds to wraparounds, on-ears and over-ears and everything in between. But if you’ve never owned a pair of Wireless Earbuds before, you might be wondering if they’re really worth it.

So, if you’ve been holding off buying a pair, here are 5 reasons why you should consider investing in wireless technology:

  1. No wires to worry about anymore

This is a huge plus for a lot of people. You wouldn’t want to be tethered to a wire if you’re out on a run or working out at the gym. Wireless earbuds give you the freedom to move around freely, and life without cables and wires has become so much easier. No more jumbled headphone cords, no need to take your device with you as you walk around, no accidentally tugging your headphone cable out or knocking your phone.

And the best part? No wear and tear! The freedom going wireless offers you is unparalleled.

  1. More choice when it comes to price

When you’re researching for Wireless Earbuds in India, the first thing most of us look at is price. And for the longest time, wireless earbuds have typically cost more than their wired counterparts. But as the number of options in the market increase, the cost for these in-demand earbuds has significantly reduced. The new Mini i96 Earbuds are a great example of the growing accessibility of cord-free listening; reliable, sleek design, and a battery life that will make it possible for you to listen to music for hours without interruption.

As Wireless Earbuds get better and better, prices continually drop on slightly older models, unlike classic wired headphones which seem to stay the same price forever.

  1. Comfortable ergonomic design

As is the case with all headphones, it’s extremely important that they are comfortable to use, especially if you have the habit of going long hours listening to music, podcasts, or anything else. When researching earbuds online in India, you should take into account the level of comfort and functionality they will give you. Otherwise, you will miss the inherent purpose of getting a pair of cable-free headphones–freedom of movement and comfort. Comfort is subjective to individuals and their lifestyles. But everyone wants a pair of headphones that are not bulky and overly heavy to carry around.

  1. Battery life isn’t an issue anymore

We’re so used to being on the go all the time and having to plug in your headphones to charge them can get quite annoying. However, all portable products of convenience come at a cost: want a wireless desktop? Get ready to charge your mouse and keyboard. Smartphones, laptops: everything fun and convenient needs a battery. The same is true for audio. Fortunately, though, most earphone providers are constantly working to better the battery life, and if you decide to invest in Wireless Earbuds in India, you wouldn’t have to worry too much that.

With exceptional standby times on some products, charging your headphones’ battery can be something you only have to do once a week or so. And with earbuds, all you need to do is pop them in their case, and they’ll charge quicker than you know it.

  1. Controls for every action

Most wireless earbuds include control pads or buttons on the earpieces that you can tap to increase volume, skip a track, issue voice commands, or take phone calls. Want to skip a song or attend a phone call? You don’t need to make an effort to pick up your smartphone, something that you need to do with wired headphones. Some of the best earbuds can even pause music automatically the moment you pull an earbud out of your ear. When researching for earbuds online in India, look closely at the controls on offer. They’re definitely worth having but choose a pair with responsive controls.

Wireless headphones are practical, safe-to-use, have attractive yet comfortable designs, and aim to provide you with the best quality sound you deserve. They are easy to carry and you don’t need to worry about wires tangling and eventually breaking.