The Cloud offers an infrastructure of enterprise-grade and allows it to reach to every application based developer. After the introduction of cloud based technology the work of building efficient and powerful applications has become relatively easy with the help of framework and tooling and high-quality databases that are easily available. However, building an app and making it secure are two different things altogether and equally challenging as well. Therefore, related to the security issue which their app is likely to face, one must have a considerable amount of understanding.

Below mentioned are five security skills every Cloud App developer should have to build secure Cloud-based applications.

Cloud Identity Management and Authentication

The authentication aspect can be a weak point as there is no major security problem with the cloud infrastructure. The authentication layer can cause a problem if one doesn’t understand it well or know how to manage it. Security permission configuration error or relatively weaker passwords are some of the factors that can cause problems with authentication.

It is important for developers to fully understand the security related to the cloud infrastructure including another risk that may be involved since most of the data security problems occur due to authentication-related issues. Identity Access Management (IAM) for the cloud will be very useful for someone who is willing to get acquainted with it.

Information Security Management

Information Security management is another vital skill that will enable you to prevent cybersecurity issues. It is recommended to get a certification done in any sector of the Information security management such as Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK) so that people can rely upon you for cybersecurity issues without any hiccup or doubt. Also, to give the employers the confidence that their employee is capable of achieving security targets one can also expertise on the field like certified information system professional (CISSP) which relates to factors like Cloud architecture, encryption, etc.

Database Configuration

Some of the popular databases such as MongoDB are, within itself insecure. For using them, some settings are required for making them secure. Often, less skilled and ignorant developers will go ahead and try to make use of them without the necessary configuration and as a result, sensitive information is broadcast to almost anyone who is having an internet connection. The result has been that we have recently seen some of the worst data thefts in history. To Understand the default setting of a database and the procedure to secure it for production use is very crucial. Highly Skilled people in SQL and NoSQL are of high value for database configuration.

Basic System Administration Skills

One might know how an application is developed, but that doesn’t mean that he also possesses system administration skills along with the application developer skill. Statistics have revealed that most of the software programmers have no or very little inkling about the system administration. Thus, the responsibility lies with the engineers who manage cloud servers to familiarize themselves with the latest operating system and work hard to inculcate system administration skills. Developers who are expected to manage cloud servers should familiarize themselves with the latest server administration best practices and operating system.

Detailed Knowledge of The OWASP Top Ten

Each year, the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) gives a summary of the worst online security threats. These security threats often include security misconfiguration, injection attacks, and insufficient logging. For a software developer, it is important to know each risk, its works process and the procedure of developing apps that will be resistant to these threats

A considerable amount of businesses are at present looking for software engineers who can build some secured cloud-based apps. A group of experts in cloud security has been found responsible for the quick increase in cases of security breaches. Hence opportunities will always arise for those who have mastered skills in cloud software computing or having Cyber Security Skills.