Many people believe that Bhutan is a bit expensive on the pocket, that’s why they don’t choose this place more often for leisure tourism. To clear off all the doubts, we have compiled a list of 10 of the best things a person can do when in Bhutan. Have a look!


If you are a backpacker, then you might spend 5 days here. It is quite enough to see all the highlights this place has to offer.

This place will serve a beautiful experience for all the first-timers and although return visitors alike. Who wish to delve deeper into the insight of this place, we have created a list of places on the activities to be done here. Take a look.

  1. Taktsang Goemba (Tiger’s Nest) – Go For A Trek

The Taktsang monastery in Paro Is one of the popular adventure places that is also known as the Tiger’s Nest. Get some thriller action on your trekking by going on the rocky winding path. Don’t Miss Taktsang Cafeteria which offers delicious food, scrumptious Bhutani meals. Get into the groove where there are colorful prayer flags and you hear the rattling sound of the wheels where the God is worshipped. Bhutan Tours will broaden your horizon. Don’t forget to start your day without the calming chants coming from the monastery, early morning. This place is suitable for beginners. The duration would take anywhere between 3 to 4 hours of the mere trekking. Camera phones, any electronic devices or the backpacks and not allowed, therefore, one needs to deposit all the things at the entrance.

  1. Trongsa Dzong – Dig Into Bhutan’s History

If you wish to know more about this cultural place, and if the history is what sparks the traveler in you, Trongsa Dzong is the place to be at. It is also considered as one of the ancestral places of the royal family that used to live here. It was built approximately 463 years ago and is considered as one of the great locations across the Mangde River. You can learn more about the culture and the kingdom history when you wander through this place on the 24 chapels. The beautiful courtyards and the staircase created out of stones are the perfect sight of the bygone era.

  1. Bumthang Valley – Explore The Switzerland Of East

This will take you to a cultural toll, and one would love to experience in the Pristine Bumthang Valley. You need to book your Bhutan Tourism package right away! Experience the picturesque views of the monasteries, temples, And this place has great hospitality to offer. Don’t forget to enjoy the muddy trails! You can also visit the Ura Valley Where are you can find quaint little clustered houses in the villages, and sheep pastures. This is considered as one of the primary places where the bodies and culture were introduced initially.

  1. Trashiyangtse – Hike To This Heavenly Place

This place is surely not from the same country. The views that it has in store for you feel like you are in the foreign lands. The nature will mesmerize you in multiple ways. This will give you are a slashing long walk where you can explore the amazing stupas such as Chorten Kora, situated next to the Kulong Chu River in Trashiyangtse. The woods are carved in the monasteries and their nature reserves where you can find calm. If you are interested in experiencing some flora and fauna of the place, then Bomdeling Wildlife sanctuary is and an abode for several species. You can find a black-necked crane That keeps on migrating from Tibet during the winter season. The best months to travel and experience the raw beauty are starting from late October to mid-February.

  1. Wildlife Sanctuaries – Go For Bird Watching

If you wish to enjoy a bird watching experience, you can book yourself the best from multiple Bhutan tour packages that are available online. Bhutan is a paradise for the people who love watching birds. You can experience the snow pigeon, black-necked crane, Rufous-necked Hornbill, Himalayan Monal, amongst many other species. You can book a tour guide that will help you give proper details of all the sanctuaries and the respective boards securing your heritage ride. You will find many endangered species as well. Although this is one of those areas which are restricted and you need a special permit from Bhutan’s government. If choosing the right tour guide, they might help you to obtain the permit without any inconvenience.


  1. Shopping – Explore The Local Stores Of Bhutan

If you are a shopaholic, don’t miss the Norzin Lam, which is the major place for stalls and shops. It is one of the best places where you can find embroidered boots to papers crafted out of hands. Take a steel deal at this lively market where you can get colorful masks, carpets for your home, amazing jewelry items for your mom or sister. The bamboo items are essentially kept, and it is a beautiful opportunity for all the photographers and tourists to some lovely shots for memories.


  1. Changlimithang Archery Ground – Try Archery

If you are in Bhutan, you just cannot miss the archery competition there. It is one of the attractive activities and tourist sport. You can find the men of mutton dressed in colorful roads that speak their tradition on the highways. These men are dressed in a particular way because they go for shooting arrows. Changlimithang Archery Ground offers various social events where You can have a glimpse of the fantastic culture.

Bhutan is the perfect place for all your wanderlust worries. It’s hard to find everything From wall murals to Crimson chilies to beautiful dainty cafes in one place. Get the perfect scoop of vitamin D under the sun. Explore the vibrant culture and indulge in your favorite activities here.

We hope this comprehensive list of all the places and things to do be useful. Plan your Bhutan trip as soon as possible!