Nowadays, most of the web hosting is based on a Linux platform, so find the cheap Windows hosting your business can depend on. You should try not to permit Hosting organizations to hold you like prisoners by offering too expensive plans – continue pursuing to find the hosts I suggest that offer the best and cheap Windows Shared Hosting in terms of dependability, security, and highlights. 


What We Look For in the Best Cheap Windows Shared Hosting Services

When you’re searching for the least expensive and Best Windows Shared Hosting India, you regularly need to make settlements.

  • Full Adaptability – If you need excellent programming similarity with your business framework, then it must be one of the main reasons to look forward to Cheap Windows Shared Hosting. 
  • Robust security – Windows servers aren’t as secure as Linux out of the container, so you need a host that offers an additional level of protection. 
  • Stable servers – You don’t need a cheap host that has extensive stretches of personal time with our decent uptime guarantee. 
  • Incentive at cash – Low costs don’t mean great worth. I search for esteem including highlights, as well, similar to site relocations and complimentary gifts. 
  • Unconditional promise – If you pursue a long haul design, however, then find the host doesn’t completely address your issues, you have to realize you can recover your cash. 
  • Reliable client care – Windows servers are less secure to understand than Linux servers, so you’re bound to run into issues – fundamentally, you can get the assistance you need.


Wisesolution – Simple Pricing for Uncomplicated Hosting

Wisesolution makes your business activity easier with its cheap plans; Windows Shared Hosting India. You can take advantage of its reliable resources and cutting edge SSL certified security services that protect your data from unauthorized access or any attack.


  • Intershield security: Protect website data from its next-level security services.
  • Speed Optimization: Optimize the site speed and increase the website visitors.
  • Windows Server 2012: Applications are system friendly that support every version of windows.
  • Plesk Onyx control panel: Ease in installation with Encrypt SSL certificate with Plesk Onyx Control Panel.


Interserver – Best Uptime Guarantee for Windows Hosting

Opt for the robust hosting solution for your website hosting from Interserver offers powerful Windows Shared hosting at a worth affordable price.


  • 99.99% Site Uptime: Offers excellent website uptime speed that boosts up the business.
  • Firewall Security: An additional layer of security protects the personal credentials of websites from hackers.
  • Free of Cost Data Transfer: You don’t need to pay any extra amount to migrate your data from any other server to windows shared hosting plans.
  • Website Data Backup: Data is secure backup so you can easily access it whenever it is necessary by the data encryption key.


Hostwinds – Most Flexible Windows Hosting Solutions

If you need a 100% customizable windows shared hosting then Hostwinds is a perfect choice as it offers 99.97% uptime guarantee with state of the art security and backup services.


  • Multiple Windows Server Versions: It offers the different versions of the server so you can opt for the best one according to your business requirements.
  • Fully Customizable: What else a business person wants if they have access to website customization? It might be nothing. You can easily customize the setting or secure your data as it is in your hands.
  • Instant Scalability: Scalability makes the website more flexible and secure as the business grows their resources may also extend.
  • 30-Days Free Trial: What you want if you get the opportunity of a free trial so you can satisfy yourself that it is best for your business or not.


GoDaddy – Offers a Free Domain and Office365 Email

If you need the windows shared hosting in an affordable range, then GoDaddy is fit for your website hosting in terms of migrating it from any Shared windows hosting to dedicated windows hosting.


  • Plesk Onyx: Easily manage your control panel settings with the Plesk Onyx.
  • Cost-Effective: It is worth to buy the server hosting from GoDaddy as it offers the top-notch services for your business hosting.
  • Excellent Customer Support: GoDaddy builds up the millions of clients’ trust by providing customer support at every step of hosting.
  • Office 365Email: You can take the benefit of office 365Email on your first purchase of the server from GoDaddy.


Hostinger – Great Value Windows VPS Hosting

Hostinger is a little costly than other hosting providers but worth of money resources as it entitles all excellent support and services within its price range. It offers extensive processing power compared to other VPS plans from other hosts.


  • Superior Performance and Reliability:  Hostinger is the renowned web hosting organization that offers excellent performance and reliable resources for your business hosting.
  • Excellent Data Backups: No need to worry about the data loss when you deal with the hostinger as it offers massive storage for data backups.
  • Free Resources: With the ultimate services of Windows Shared Hosting, you can enjoy the benefits of reliable resources free of cost.
  • No additional cost for licensing: Mostly, the web hosting providers may apply some charges for the licensing of OS during checkout. But here it is already added on your first server purchase.


LiquidWeb – Enhanced Security for Windows VPS

It offers secure and reliable cost Windows shared hosting services that give you next-level services. You can opt-in for your business hosting at a low cost.

Top-notch services:

  • Upgraded Windows Server OS: Enjoy the Enhanced or updated version of windows for hosting.
  • Fully Managed VPS Available: By paying an additional cost, you can enjoy the fully managed VPS server.
  • Customizable Server Set-up: Easy and secure Server Set-up and customization.
  • Intensified Security: Protect the data from hackers by using SSL Certified security levels.



From the above well-described services of Windows Shared hosting, you will get enough idea about its facilities and service providers that which one best fit for your business hosting.

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