Bed bugs are one of the most annoying creatures in a home. These never destroy structures are not easily noticed although they come with severe implications. The most apparent sign to tell you to have these creatures in your home is scratching while in bed. Bed bugs enjoy living in the bedroom and other places with darkness. They come out at night to cause a significant impact on health, furnishings, and lifestyle as you are about to discover below.

Scratch related infections

The itchy bedbug bites encourage a strong urge to scratch for the itch to go away. Additionally, these creepy creatures usually bite in the dead of night. This encourages unconscious scratching encouraging waking up in the morning with flesh wounds. The resultant tiny open wounds from incessant scratching might not seem like such a big deal but encourage germs and bacteria.

These enter the wounds making you prone to infection when not treated. The expanding redness near the wound encourages swelling and tender bumps. These are warm to touch marking the presence of bacterial infection on the skin including

  • Boils

  • Ecthyma

  • Impetigo

  • Cellulitis

  • Lymphangitis

Sleep deprivation

The presence of bed bugs in your household encourages sleep deprivation. Numerous bed bug bites encourage never-ending itching throughout the night. Even the thought of these bugs crawling on you while in bed can keep you awake. All this is bound to leave you mentally and physically exhausted in the morning. Poor sleep encourages problems including:

  • Accidents

  • Impaired thinking

  • Heart diseases

  • Poor work performance

  • Family problems and arguments

Enhancing your sleep quality requires calling professional bed bug removal service to eliminate these creepy creatures in your household. This is through the most appropriate methods including chemical spray, heat treatment, or a combination of chemicals and heat.

Decreased wellbeing

Long exposure to these bloodsuckers encourages sleepless nights. This obviously affects your regular body function. You are likely anxiety, depression, and general fatigue. Additionally, poor sleep quality makes you vulnerable to common illnesses. Most people think bedbugs thrive in dirty places. So, the discovery of these creatures in your household worsens depression and a dip in self-esteem. The struggle through ineffective DIY methods to eliminate bedbugs significantly affects overall wellbeing.

Allergic reaction

Exposure to bed bug bites comes with a risk of an escalating allergic reaction. These creatures feed on your blood while sleeping increasing chances of exposure to an allergic reaction. This is a life-threatening situation that requires urgent medical attention. When hypersensitive to bed bug bites, you risk ending up in anaphylactic shock. This is likely to leave you with conditions including:

  • Wheezing

  • Tightness in the chest

  • Swollen lips or tongue

  • Tightness in the throat


It is a very frustrating experience living in a bed bug-infested home. These creatures quickly spread leaving a trail of damaged bed sheets and curtains. Additionally, you have to endure the regular bites on your body every night. Exposure to this stressful environment for prolonged periods encourages emotional anxiety. This puts you at risk of various health problems highlighted earlier.

Resultant emotional anxiety from bed bug stressing bites encourages unhealthy habits including smoking and drinking. You might enjoy more time in a local bar drinking to come back at night and avoid the bed bug bites. Regular smoking and drinking negatively affect your immune system making your body unable to fight antigens. This makes you prone to various infections. Stress from exposure to bed bug bites increases blood pressure, heart rate, and the digestive system.

Reputational damage

Finally, bed bugs thrive at night. And, they can hide in clothes. So, they can come out in light during day time. This can happen anywhere including on a date, in a business meeting, or walking on the street. Someone can easily notice the crawling creature on your clothing and bring it to your attention. This is very embarrassing and causes significant reputational damage.

Most people think bed bugs thrive in filthy environments and having one makes people doubt your lifestyle. Keep in mind that the person who notices the bed bug on you might react in a way that grabs the attention of others nearby. You are likely to end up feeling ashamed and most likely make you get away immediately. This is likely to affect your plans for the day.

Why seek professional assistance for bed bug removal

Bed bugs are less harmful compared to mosquitoes but come with cumulative damage to furnishings and your health. Never hesitate to call a professional exterminator when you notice signs of bed bug infestation in your household. The right bed bug control company will choose the most appropriate method to eliminate these creatures from your home. To avoid embarrassment, the exterminators will arrive discreetly in an unmarked man to avoid long stares from neighbors.


A home is a safe haven from the stresses of life. This I where you come back to wind down from a long day at work. The presence of bed bugs makes life in your home hell and exposes you to various health complications. Calling a professional bed bug extermination company is a proactive solution to live happily ever after in your home.