Millennial and Gen Z want world domination!

It’s the 21st century and we are now marketing for millennial and Gen Z. Our target audience now is a generation that doesn’t sits still and wants to try everything new (Gen Z). Millennial on the other hand are the third child in the family that is always confused. Marketing your product and service to these generation can be tough but not impossible!


Understand Your Market!. 1

Here are a few places you would find them chilling around!. 3

  1. Keesha predicted it back in 2009!. 3
  2. You won’t believe it but yes this is possible!. 3
  3. Hot debate and scary stories!. 3
  4. Stumbled upon Tumbler yet?. 3
  5. Value shoppers!. 4
  6. Real Estate on an OTT app?. 4

User Statistics!. 4

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Understand Your Market!

It’s 2020 and no matter what product or service you provide, millennial and Gen Z have entered the age bracket of your target audience. With the youngest being 20 and the oldest 39, you have to accept and start gathering data on their digital hangout spots! (This could be a great name for a social media app btw)

Here are a few places you would find them chilling around!


1.   Keesha predicted it back in 2009!

If you’re a fan of Keesha you would know that back in 2009 she released a song that went like “Tik-Tok on the clock but the party don’t stop, no”. This is exactly what’s happening with this fast-growing app that started with the name of musically and is now called Tik-Tok.

Being available in 150 countries with over 1 Billion users Tik-Tok is a massive platform to promote your product or service features comically. In the process of this, you can even make users fond of your content on Tik-Tok with your company profile.

2.   You won’t believe it but yes this is possible!

It’s weird but it’s happening. Have you ever stumbled across a social media influencers account on “Tinder” while casually scrolling through? Yeah, it’s not their real account so don’t get too excited the next time you swipe one. You can link Instagram and tinder with a few demo pictures to reel someone in.

With a whopping 50 Million users and 1 Billion swipes, a day imagine the brand visibility ratio on tinder vs a billboard or even social media with high competition. Brands can use this and start populating Tinder with their product or service with the proper app relevant content that the user might like.

3.   Hot debate and scary stories!

Reddit is like your grandma’s house where all your cousins gather to share scary stories or have gossips and debates. Also being the number 1 spot for all your tech-savvy needs Reddit is the best place to find millennia’s and Gen Z’s hanging around.

But if you think Reddit is just debate and debunking platform. You are gravely mistaken. Hosting 26.4 Million Americans, 330 Million active users, Reddit also has 1 Billion native video views per month! So if you still think that digital marketing is limited to Google and popular social media? Think again.

4.   Stumbled upon Tumbler yet?

Gen Z loves freedom. To exercise it to its limits they have moved on platforms such as Tumblr instead of Facebook and Instagram. 2 – 3 years before Tumblr did not have much monitoring so all sorts of stuff were okay to post. With bloggers and content creators flooding Tumblr more and more, one thing is for sure. There must be a lot of viewers on this app.

More than 166 billion published posts, 7.2 million new blogs created each month, Tumblr has 46% of its visitors from the age of (you guessed it) 18 – 34 (Mostly Gen Z). So if your product or service is “lit” try marketing it on Tumblr.

5.  Value shoppers!

Millennials have faced financial crises and they are not ready to empty their pockets just because you make shiny stuff with a half-eaten apple on it. So if your website is getting traffic and people are not making transactions, you have a product review problem! Value shoppers don’t buy anything unless there is a discount on it or has multiple product reviews.

Now you must be thinking about YouTube but only videos won’t do. Try posting blogs and articles on medium related to your product to generate visitors.

Medium does not publish official user stat but through multiple sources, it has been known that the app is nearing 100 million users with 68% of its traffic coming from mobile. It’s a platform worth working on and does not require any extra budget or anything.

6.   Real Estate on an OTT app?

OTT stands for Over The Top technology meaning an innovation that hasn’t been done before and millennials are loving it. So do baby boomers. One of the examples of OTT is Airbnb and you can market your hotel or house on it to make some extra cash.

150 Million Users, 65,000 cities and 1.9 Million listings make Airbnb the perfect app to digitally market your hotel or that spare bedroom in your house!

User Statistics!

Application No. of users Availability/Usage
Tik-Tok 1B 150 Countries
Tinder 50M 1B swipes/day
Reddit 330M 1B Native video views
Tumblr 166B published blogs 7.2M new blogs/month
Medium 100M 68M mobile users
AirBnB 150M 1.9M listings

Author Bio:

Harry Oscars is an MBA in marketing from the Brunel University London with expertise in brand management and consumer behavior analysis. Harry loves working out and provides cheap dissertation writing services UK, and doing lots of activities related to academic writing.